After years of enjoying Luvr’s first website, and it helping me greatly enter this lifestyle, I felt it past time to share my (now Our) complete story.   I hope that this blog will help people understand my experience and that might help them in their journey of either having, or becoming, a hotwife.

I’ve decided to tell it ALL, in chronological order, as I feel there were many life experiences along the way that culminate with my marriage to my wife, some trys at it along this journey that served as good learning experiences, our current marital arrangement, and her finally having a Lover(s).

The VERY beginning:

As a young teen I was introduced to slut-wife sharing as an integral part of a loving and happy marriage.  No, not from family experience but from the very first adult movie I rented when I was 15.  I made a copy of this film and watched & masterbated to it 100’s of times over many years, searing this vivion of a happy mariage into my brain. I kept this old VHS copy until just a few years ago.  We had an old box of toys and porn that we finally got rid of now that digital rules.  Unfortunately this is the moment in life when I needed that tape most, to share with you the reason, I think, I’ve always needed this as part of my adult life and eventual marriage. When I find or remember this adult film title I will be sure to post it as I feel it is THE reason as to why as a 45 year old man, I’m finally very happily sharing my wife and we are beginning to progress into the Hotwife & Cuckold theme of our relationship.

About that 1970’s adult film:  I feel this is a vital part of our story and will continue my quest to at least remember or find the title.  But for now a description will help understand why my wife fucking others is so important to me.

The movie features a hot-bodied fit blond wife who seams to get herself into many sexual situations with other men.  I remember some scenes, thy were like individual stories within the movie.  One where she meets a stud midday in a park and they film an entire wet blow-job upclose till he cums in her very wet mouth.  There is a scene where she is at a political fund-raiser and the man takes her just off stage, pulls up her dress and she rides him until he cums inside her bare pussy.  Another scene she is sort of kidnapped and forced at gun-point to give a BJ in a garage.  Another is a bi-sexual encounter where she passes as a social worker but the women wind up making love (this was the first bi-f scene I ever saw!).  Then you see what you think is the real plot of the movie and the husband is hiring a detective to follow what he suspects is his cheating wife (I recall that alone got me hooked, a hot cheating wife).  Well that detective winds up fucking her in her home in all positions, on a shag carpet in front of a mirrored wall, and afterwards he tells the husband that he can no longer work for him as “something’s come up”.

Then, the twist!  They show the very loving and very happy couple in bed together, it’s very romantic with champagne, loving words and kisses… they are watching all of her encounters on film together! and getting off on it together as a happily married couple!  Wow, so that’s what a happy, very sexual, hot marriage is like to a beautiful women.  Nice, I want that…

As a 15 year old masterbating boy, you all of a sudden get it!  This husband LOVES watching the pretty wife fuck others.  Then they enjoy that as a married couple together.  S-E-A-R, right into my mind.  Especially after 100’s of views and cumming to it.

Next, my very first girlfriend…