Of course there were a few girls in between.  One was a really good friend at college where one night we got nude to sleep (drunk) together but fucked.  The sex wasn’t even good and it was very weird to have just fucked a good friend.

Another was a co-worker who we hooked up at a party, went back to my parents basement and I fucked her like the slut she truly was.  Interesting thing about this girl was she had a great little tight body but not a great face.  It was the classic syndrome for her where she fucked like a slut to make up for her average face.  I actually liked her, was into her body, and respected her.  She wanted to “date” but I didn’t want that with her.  It was odd but even at that age I understood why she used sex to get close to guys and in a way respected her ability to so freely get nude and fuck; giving whatever you wanted of her.  Maybe it was a submissive thing but I recall her allowing me to just enjoy her body as I wanted.  I recall stripping her and wanted her complelty nude very quickly so I pulled off all her cloths and was really enjoying her tiny tone body.  Even the sex was however I (and probably dozens of other guys) wanted.  The part I recall the clearest to this day was while fucking her I said “I’m GOING to cum in your mouth”, and I remember her telling me it was okay – but me telling her something like ” I didn’t ASK you”.  Then climbing up on her, her opening her mouth, and swallowing my cum.  Sounds like a typical encounter but it was different in the way she GAVE herself to be enjoyed, and USED for pleasure.

A third girl was a girl from high school that I became friends with a few years after high school. Two of my other friends started hanging out with her, they maybe kissed, I know one friend went down on her and he raved to all of us how vocal she gets while he was licking her pussy but that was as far as she let it go.  This intrigued me!  She and I quickly became exclusive FWB, fucking every chance we could.  We saw each other for a few years on & off, fucking every time we met.  Shared great moments, deep talks – a deep friendship love.  She was two years younger, went off to law school but I’d go stay with her on a weekend every so often.  We really enjoyed each other.  This was a really great FWB situation and again solidified for me, sex & friendship is, or can be, different from sex & love.  Fast forward…. The last time we fucked was a long afternoon in a hotel after she was just engaged.  She saw it as a last chance, it was fun to fuck her with that diamond on her finger all afternoon. I have a few pictures (Polaroids LOL) from this last afternoon with her.   I wanted to keep meeting but for her she wasn’t going to cheat (anymore).

Right after graduating from college, a good friend of mine came to visit for a weekend.  We were close friends, missed each other, so it was to be a normal visitor.  She stayed in the guest room of my parents house.  The first few minutes after she arrived she came to my bedroom to call her mother.  She was on the phone for awhile and I was teasing that if she didn’t get off the phone soon, I’d put my hands up her shirt.  I was joking!  I wanted to go out to do something, as friends, and was getting bored waiting. While on the phone with her mom, she muttered to me, “go ahead”.  So I slide my hands under her shirt and was feeling her great tits.  I was shocked but went with it like it was fine.  She was melting from this!  I could tell this wasn’t ending here.  She purposely stayed on the phone while I took her top & bra off.  She got off the phone and we fucked like crazy.  It was so heated and unlike unlike any sex I’d ever had before.  Her body was ultra responsive to the heated moment. We fucked (I’m not kidding) five times, then went to a bar and sat and talked about what had just happened. It was an instinct connection that was deeper than just sex.  We both thought it was because the sex was so hot but it was more, love.  Well, we became a couple right away, dated very serious for over a year – fucking like newlyweds the entire time.  She was very multi orgasmic, could even come from me touching her nipples.  This was a girl who love sex as much as I did, maybe more. We seriously discussed marriage, but then I became a bit turned off by a slight attitude she seamed to have developed, then something that was trivial happened (she didn’t like her hair messed up during sex, and pulling it hurt her), then a physical distance between us after she graduated, and me meeting someone (my now wife!) at a new job.  She and I were still dating when I also started seeing (and fucking) this smoldering red-head from this new job.  The new girl, (Blythe) knew about the girlfriend as she too had a boyfriend she was fucking still!

The last time I was with that girlfriend I was 99% sure she has a hickey on her tit.  I asked her if she has been with another guy, and she said no.  I asked a few different ways, giving her opportunities to understand that I was not mad and just wanted the truth.  Her answer, even to this day, is no (yes we takes last year by phone).  I can honestly say that if she did “cheat” on me and had told me, I was going to tell her that it was okay for HER to be with other guys, that I’d be exclusive to her and that we were fine.  She was a hyper sexual creature and I deep down so wanted the hickey to be real and wanted her to have cheated on me so I could have tried, what I now understand to be, a Cuckold relationship. The opportunity did not present itself which, like all things, worked out for the best.  Had that last conversation gone differently, like she admitting that she had cheated, I think we would have stayed together and gotten married soon.  We fucked for the last time that night and broke up.

Next…  Blythe!