I met Blythe at a new job where I was actually a new supervisor.  She was very pretty and really stood out from all the other girls by her beautiful thick, long, curly red hair, her very pretty pale face, doe eyes, and the way she dressed. She dressed in an understated but sexy way. Skirts, tight sweaters, girly clothes – I liked that!

We’d flirt, brush up against each other and I’d enhale her lusty scent that I can still smell to this day.  As I posted in the last entry, when we met we were both seeing other people.

I can recall a day where I was standing near her when a married couple (we were 23, they were maybe 40), asked her out!  They were completely open that they both were sexually attracted to her and both of them wanted to be with her.  This was a huge turn-on, seeing her approached like this.  She didn’t take them up on the offer though.

The first night Blythe & I were together, we spent the night in a hotel were we could be uninterrupted, and had plenty of time together.  It was mind-blowing.  I had never had such a fantastic blowjob in my entire life.  I got lightheaded and felt like I was going to pass out!  I could believe this girl was even more sexual than my college girlfriend!  The very first time we fucked, the condom broke (she was NOT on birth control), and we did not know it until after I came in her and we both saw it when I finally pulled out.  It made us very nervous, but we enjoyed the rest of the night….  It turned out okay – whew!

The sex with Blythe was extremely hot, frequent, and always very interesting. She’d often suck me as we drove to/from a club – my finger up the back of her skirt and in her asshole, her swallowing my cum.  She was an all around creative sex partner.

I was VERY hooked on;  her sex, her body, her look, her personality…  She was the complete sexual package for me.  It became serious after I broke up with the college girlfriend and I immediately asked Blythe if she’d do anything for me, anything I told her to do – any ONE I told her I wanted her to fuck. She promised she would, and always would in the future (if we got married)..  Okay, now I’m even more interested than any other girl I had every been with! We had serious discussions about the fact that I wanted to marry a girl that would do this, and like it.  This could be the one!

We dated for a year even after I left the job we met at, and moved a few hours away.  I thought that this would be a make-it or break-it situation.  Could we not only keep, but further develop, the relationship or not?  We (she) made it work by spending weekends with me. I’d walk into my apartment after work and she’d be a nude sticky mess from fingering herself for hours to porn she went out and rented on her own while waiting for me to come home.

Now that the relationship was further developing, let’s test Blythe’s promise to me and see if this is really serious…