Pantied, restrained & cuckolded =  happy husband & wife.

This submission, via Tumblr, illustrates marital harmony via matching panties!

[pullquote cite=”Donna4BBC”]My cuck hubby in matching pink panties.  I love to have him wear pink panties cause it really takes away any idea that he is the alpha male in my life.  He now has almost as many panties as I have we have many matching pairs of panties.  I always tell the clerk at the store that one pair is for me and one for my sissy hubby.  That always gets a good conversation and if my hubby is with me when I am buying lingerie, I make my hubby tell the clerk that it is true and have even made him show a girl at a store in the mall when she became very interested in our lifestyle.  He was very embarassed but he did obey and pulled his shorts down a bit to show her his panties he was wearing.  I do believe that having him in panties has helped him accept and realize his position and keep him assured as to what his role is.[/pullquote]
[pullquote cite=”Donna4BBC”]This was after teasing hubby and him watching me with my black coworker boyfriend. I know hubby was very excited cause he leaked his cuck tears. He was so horny but he never asked for release. I have him trained well now, he knows if I do allow him to be released it will be on my terms only and any asking or begging will only delay his release. I noticed his precum running out and was so thick it went halfway to the floor. It is such a thrill to have his complete control.[/pullquote]
[pullquote cite=”Donna4BBC”]I watched him and helped him release some of his backed up presure.  I used one of my smaller vibrators on him and when it touched his little cage and balls and his butt, it didnt take him long to release.  I didnt penetrate him with the vibrator, but I have read alot of blogs about prostate massage and the milking techniques that actually make the cum flow but without giving him and actual orgasm.  I do want to try this eventually with my hubby. [/pullquote]

Hopefully in Donna’s next update we’ll see her taking good care of her boyfriend’s cock one way or another!