A Simple Yet Powerful Turn-on

Hotwives: don’t miss out on the simple, yet thrilling practice of making eye contact with your cuckold while cuckolding him. It may sound simple, but all too often, wives get caught up in the passion and pleasure and all but forget their cuckold is nearby, watching intently and often still trying to sort out the various conflicts that come with being witness to his wife’s pleasures with another man. Just a look into his eyes can make all the difference.

Won't this be one of the moments he remembers forever...?

Cuckolding is something you practice and enjoy as a couple. I recognize that the husband doesn’t always get to watch and that’s appropriate, but when he does witness your lover’s role in the marriage, he should feel fully included even though he’s only sitting by the bed or watching from outside the room. The conscious decision to make eye contact with him can carry an entire conversation in just that look.

Even during foreplay, eye contact is important.

More than once I’ve whispered to a wife to look over at her husband as I enter her or make her hold eye contact with him for as long as she can as her orgasm builds and slowly overrides her motor control and then see the cuckold’s penis start that tell-tale twitching that tells us his own orgasm is imminent.

Afterward, I will sometimes talk them through those moments and ask them to share what was in the mind at the moment their eyes met so both can appreciate how powerful those moments are.

Eye contact, whether during coupling, foreplay, or even while flirting with a prospective lover in public is a key method of sharing together in this lifestyle.