Good Art Deserves Recognition and Credit


I discovered recently that several images I’ve re-used here were produced (and owned) by, so I decided to check it out and found it’s not your average porn, but rather true adult art where a sense of beauty, imagination and art direction actually exist together. Though not cuckold specific, I believe members here will find it easy to allow their imagination to wander in that direction with many of their works.

If your wife is blonde, it’s not difficult to imagine her licking her boyfriend’s cock like this while you’re standing there, waiting for them to acknowledge that you brought them breakfast to fuel their morning coupling.

If your wife is a brunette, can’t you imagine this is her cuddled up with her lover early in the morning? Unlike most pay sites these days, X-ART tells a story through what the lens captures.

Art, Not Porn

[download_box]  My take on “Just Married” is the husband being witness to his wife’s lover consummating their marriage, but you are free to enjoy your own perspective.[/download_box]

[download_box]  I think you’ll agree that it’s easy to feel as though you’re a voyeur witnessing your wife’s lovemaking when you check out “Show You My Love“. [/download_box]

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