Two Dates, Two Cocks

pierced-fuckdollIt’s been a whirlwind month of activity and changes for fuckdoll and her cuckold. In the first post I introduced them to the community and let everyone see why her husband feels it so appropriate she be available to other men. In the second post about them, I detailed some of the training and changes introduced to help resolve the day to day challenges they have as well as deepen their comfort in their respective roles. These changes include the physical piercing of fuckdoll’s nipples, which she has really enjoyed. It was never a struggle to get fuckdoll to put her breasts on display, but she was still accustomed to wearing a bra much of the time. That will no longer be the case.

Just a couple weeks ago, fuckdoll had her first two date/two cock week. The first was someone she’s been with before but who has always been very sporadically available. Based on her enjoyment of sex with him when he can be available, I’ve told her to continue being available to him. T, as we’ll call him, was the first date that week.

This was a home date with the majority of the time together spent in the marital bed. This time, however, a bit more focus was put on the cuckold nature of c4m’s role. I planned out with fuckdoll the days and hours she is to be available for booty call with just an hour’s notice and had her explain that to her cuckold so he could extend that offer to T himself during their coupling. If long-range planning was an issue in his sporadic ability, I figured this would help alleviate that, but if nothing else, having to explain to the man fucking his wife just how available she is for him would help c4m express his cuckold role more openly.



At the point these were taken, c4m hadn’t been inside his own wife in almost a month. In this week, he witness one cock inside her and heard the sounds of her coupling with another only two days later.

It’s not difficult to understand why he was so hard, but might be difficult to understand why she doesn’t enjoy that thick penis. fuckdoll-c4m-releaseThe reasons are two-fold: First, it’s very thick and while that’s what most women want, fuckdoll is a very petite girl and can’t take the girth without pain and sometimes injury. Second, and more importantly, fuckdoll takes far more pleasure fucking her boy than being fucked by him. Yes, you read that right: c4m is routinely pegged by fuckdoll. The dynamics of their relationship, now more than ever, dictate that c4m’s penis has far more value to her and pleasure for her as an object to be teased, denied, and tormented rather than as a male sex organ. This means that it is certain that fuckdoll will be fucked by cocks smaller in at least one dimension than her husband and orgasm with them not only because she’s more comfortable but because her husband’s larger penis is denied what she’s giving others and such a mindfuck is very powerful. This is why after her coupling, his own load was spurted across his own belly instead of in or even ON fuckdoll.

That load, with her help, wasn’t enough, however. Being a bad boy, c4m rubbed one out for himself once fuckdoll fell asleep that night. This was entirely against the rules and there was a stiff penalty levied against him for it. The penalty was so severe just in the threat of it that c4m realized he was better off enduring the frustration of having his orgasms controlled by me than to go against my rules. I now feel fairly confident that c4m only spurts when I allow it and spurts in the manner I choose (full/ruined) and in what manner (handjob/outercourse/pegging handjob). I’m not taking this route with them simply to humble him or have control of his penis for control’s sake, but because it is part of a course of action designed to give them replacement intimacy to offset the very limited intercourse he’ll receive from fuckdoll.

Date Two

The second date for that week was someone new. We’ll refer to him as M and despite being younger than my fuckdoll would prefer, she enjoyed him quite a bit and did her best to be a pleasure for him as well. This date began with M picking up fuckdoll at home. I chose this plan because M stated knowledge of and comfort with the cuckold/hotwife dynamic. My choice for them was to consummate the date in the marital bed and for that reason, I thought having bull and cuckold first meet well before that point would be best for everyone. It also afforded my fuckdoll the opportunity to demonstrate a dominant role with her cuckold and make the bull comfortable that her husband is well-behaved.

fuckdoll-date2-outfitDisplayed left is the outfit I chose for fuckdoll. The white top is very sheer and originally I intended for her to wear it without a bra, which she would have done, but a combination of things led to adding the bra. Given the casual nature of the venue they were going to on their date, this was a better choice, but I’m sure every female in visual sight of her hated her guts for being that hot.

After the public portion of their date, they came home to couple in the marital bed, but privately. I agreed that M should get at least a first time with some focus on her before allowing her cuckold in the room.

Sadly, there wasn’t any documentation of this second date since he was someone new and the familiarity for that sort of request wasn’t established yet. The pic above of c4m applying lotion was part of prep for date #2 as I recall, but it fit better with the other images for illustration purposes.

Below you’ll see a short video of my pet shot at her desk at work. Anyone else want to work there? I’m including this because I want you to see how adorable fuckdoll is. I also want you to see how well she responds to her training. You’ll notice her right hand look a bit restless when she pans down to show me her lower body. In a previous video, she reflexively put her hand over the end of her skirt with it being so short when sitting. As you can imagine, I was not pleased with that. To her credit, she has already learned that hiding herself is not an option.

I know it’s easy to get lost in those big eyes and think she can’t possibly be the fuckdoll I’ve been talking about – she’s too young, too pretty, right? She IS adorable, but under that facade of innocence beats the heart of a fuckdoll and it beats right under the pierced nipple of a succulent tit.

In my next update, we’ll learn more about cuckold4Mel and the aspects of S&M I’ve been adding to the D/s already in play for them.