How a hotwife dresses is an integral part of her role within the lifestyle – in fact, it’s how she dresses and behaves that first identify her and establish her as a hotwife – even before she has begun coupling with males outside the marriage.

To that end, it also matters how a hotwife dresses at home. The best way to think of it is wearing what you wear to bed more often around the house instead of being fully dressed.

This is mainly for your husband’s benefit. I know you’re all used to hearing about what cuckolds are denied, but for every privilege removed, something must take its place and for cuckolds who are denied, the erotic frustration of tease provides emotional bonds important for both the hotwife and her cuckold. This is still an important expression of the hotwife role even for couples where denial hasn’t been part of their experience.

Seeing you dressed, but displayed is sure to remind him of who else has been (or will be) suckling at those nipples. When his eyes wander down your belly and can make note of the neat landing strip (or nothing at all), he’ll be reminded that’s someone else’s preference.

Your husband will be unable to look at you like this and not be reminded of his cuckolding.

In colder climates it’s not always easy to be so minimally dressed. In those places/times I suggest more form fitting sleepwear that may cover more, but conceal very little in the end. The same goes for your husband as we all know that a cuckold should always have his truth detector viewable at home.