First, I have to commend her for embracing the term slut and owning it instead of allowing it to be used against her. Secondly, the addition of the key and her wearing of her wedding band will ensure any males with experience cuckolding a husband will recognize her for what she is: a hotwife on the prowl.

  • which ankle does a hotwife wear her ankle chain on..?
  • what charms should she wear to indicate
    • she’s a hotwife
    • is BBC only

As stated in my last post on the topic, there’s no real rule about which ankle a wife should wear her anklet on and seeing a woman wearing a chain on her ankle is by no means a guarantee that she’s a hotwife, which is why many also add charms to communicate their status more clearly.

One of my recommendations to a cuckold recently was the addition of a key or a key charm; any bull or Dom with experience is going to recogonize that as a reference to her husband’s chastity. The other common charms I’ve seen are intertwined male and female symbols (2 male, one female) , the spade, to indicate a black preference or ownership and even a penis charm (hopefully not misunderstood by lesbians as a dildo).

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Why even wear one?

The true value in the adoption and wearing of publicly visible symbols of cuckoldry isn’t necessarily the improved odds of the wife finding a bull, but in the overt, public expression of her sexual availability and the emotional and mental energy that her public disclosure creates for both herself, her cuckold and any boyfriend she might be dating.