Anyone who has been here even a short time should know that I’m an ardent fan of properly displayed breasts. When training a wife as a hotwife, the first thing I do is encourage her to behave and dress as a sexually available woman – a woman who is clearly encouraging male attention.

Nothing does that better than unfettered breasts moving naturally beneath a top, dress or tank top.

Now, there’s scientific data in support of such beauty!

Scientists in France found that bras give no benefit at all in “denying breasts gravity” and claim the underwear is just a “false necessity”.

The research suggests wearing a bra could actually be sending our busts southwards, and does little to ease back pain.

Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, from the University of Besancon, led the 15-year study into women’s breasts.

He said: “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity.

“On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra”.

via Bras make boobs saggier, study finds | The Sun |News.

After all the bad news in the world, doesn’t this make life a little brighter?

Smaller breasts can be exceptionally sexy when properly displayed.

Smaller breasts can be exceptionally sexy when properly displayed.

Beautiful Breasts Are Displayed Breasts

As much as I enjoy breasts being better displayed without the interference of a bra, I’ve always been mindful of the (perceived)  notion that anything larger than a C cup requires more support more frequently, limiting the opportunities and outfits that could most creatively showcase her feminine appeal. No more!

After reading the article I did find myself wondering how it’s possible that wearing a bra could lead to sag quicker than wearing one and came up with a couple theories:

  1. not being allowed to support themselves, breasts, or more precisely, the skin and connective tissue that support them, can weaken as muscles do without use
  2. breast shape at the base of the breasts may likely play a large role in how well supported they are; where some are wide at the base and don’t extend as far outward, others have a narrower base and more conical shape and these breasts may suffer gravity and aging more because of that than being bare and beautiful

Defying Assumptions

LiLo's breasts defy the idea that never wearing a bra ruins the breasts.

Defying Gravity

Case in point, Lindsay Lohan: poster child for liberated mammary glands. Yes, she’s an emotional train-wreck, but those are phenominal breasts and they are nearly always without the support of a bra.

Yes, I understand that she’s young, but she’s not 19 and given her overwhelming habit of freely oscillating, very large breasts, for years now, one would think she’d be tripping over them, but such is not the case.

Feminine Display

braless-seethrough-celebToo many women feel that taking advantage of the natural beauty and feminine grace represented by their breasts is something only female celebrities can pull off, but that’s simply not the case. Often all that’s needed is to have the courage to resist the social programming instilled in you from childhood to feel guilty about your natural beauty and sex appeal long enough to give freeing your breasts, even in public, a chance.

Ms. Hathaway, to the right, is certainly a beauty, but that beauty is very much enhanced by the bold display of her femininity. As pretty as she is, she’s no more pretty or sexy than many of the wives who frequent here – it’s simply the air of celebrity which make women like this seem of a different class when, in fact, almost any wife can have the same effect on the men around her if she chooses to.

So Many Options

knit-dressThere are so many delicious ways to present a woman’s braless breasts. At one end of the spectrum we have the erotic effect of sheer clothing which can be layered to increase or decrease transparency. At the other end we have opaque fabrics which only betray the shape and natural movement of the breasts while fully covering them. This style of display can also leave the excited state of a woman’s nipples very apparent, something women are needlessly guilted into hiding from an early age. It’s only when women try to hide their sexy nipple erections that they give away the knowledge of being aware of how sexy they look at that moment. When a woman simply acts naturally and doesn’t make an issue of them, those around her can only assume she has no idea how hot she looks! Between those two ends of the spectrum are hybrid approaches like outfits and fabrics that make it apparent a woman’s breasts are deliciously bare, yet not exposed, as in the case of the woman to the left.

Psychological Benefits

Besides being erotic visually, the hotwife who proactively enhances her sex appeal this way empowers herself mentally and emotionally as a hotwife and also reminds and teases her cuckold of their respective roles in the lifestyle. When the cuckold sees his wife dressing to draw mens’ eyes, he’s reminded that her sexuality is no longer his to control or limit. When this change to her wardrobe and behavior is precipitated by a boyfriend or Dom, the effect is tripled due to it being done to please another man.

A new hotwife teasing her cuckold with the certain knowledge that her breasts are bare and easily available to her date.

A new hotwife teasing her cuckold with the certain knowledge that her breasts are bare and easily available to her date.