Jenny Nordbak is a mom-of-one, a wife, and has a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Archaeology from the University of Southern California.She’s also a retired dominatrix for Hollywood’s rich and famous.”I was just about to graduate from USC and was at that crisis point that I think a lot of 22-year-olds reach where I wasn’t’ sure what I was doing with my life,” Nordbak told Fox News.That’s when Norbak came across an ad for a BDSM dungeon in Los Angeles.

Source: Jenny Nordbak was a dominatrix for Hollywood A-listers | Fox News

I have a few comments on this story – surprise, right?

This isn’t really as rare as it might seem. In fact, we’ve seen this played out countless times in the form of art mimicking life in many of Hollywood’s own productions involving BDSM. Sadly, they are mostly caricatures of the lifestyle, but do indicate a very healthy interest in experiences outside the norm even if they don’t at all understand them.

I also think this is clearly a case of a woman who fell into a convenient way to make money as an attractive coed. This is also not a rare experience for young women today. Web cams, snapchat, dancing, and even escorting (often a sideline for dancers) are increasingly a part of an attractive young woman’s options in getting through college or getting an early start to a solid financial foundation.

Good for them.

Monetizing anything almost always leads to corrupting the thing monetized, but having said that, making a profit from something we all enjoy seems common sense. After all, it’s not like anyone in the NFL, NBA, or FIFA isn’t getting very well paid for something they love doing.

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…

In this case, I am assuming she married and started her family after her tenure as a pro Domme, but there are many pro Dommes and other sex workers who are happily married. Does this make their husbands all cuckolds? Some definitely are, some do have the Dom role with their wife where sharing her is her expression of submission to her husband rather than his submission to her – the quintessential difference between a man sharing a woman as a cuckold or not.

I have spoken to quite a few couples who monetize their cuckold fetish in one way or another. Some dabble in escorting while others take the sugar baby to a sugar daddy path. The latter is mostly coed aged women, but if you think about it, most of those women are likely in committed relationships even if not married.

The line between being a sugar daddy to a wife/couple and simply being generous and/or helpful can be a blurry one and for some couples that’s the preferred line to walk. I had one such experience with a couple who were just starting out and though my financial and professional contribution to their lives weren’t significant in amount, they were mentally and emotionally significant in them rationalizing what they wanted happening anyway i.e. her being sexually available to me and both of them benefiting from my experience and mentoring.

As I figure it, politics is far more disgusting and dirty than sex but entirely legal, so why can’t sex work be? Consider this my endorsement of legalizing sex workers.