Cuckolds: are you staring at that cock?

I know you are.

Are you becoming aroused in this voyeuristic moment where you see another male aroused?

It’s ok; it doesn’t mean you’re gay (or even bi). Relieved, right? Your wife is, too.

I was asked about this topic by a wife recently who was concerned that her husband got so aroused by hearing about her boyfriends cock and would even get aroused by images such as this. Granted, there are many bi-sexual men out there and certainly some married men who are in the closet and will gladly hide behind the cuckold role to further their homosexual desires, but for those who are quite obviously heterosexual in their desires, this reaction to other males is easily explained.

For you husbands who have found yourselves struggling with what it means to be so aroused by mens’ cocks, answer this: when you view an image such as this, do you think of it in connection with your wife? Is it her lover’s cock? Is he about to enter her? Is she crawling across the floor to suck the tip into her mouth? If these are the thoughts you have, then your own swollen state isn’t so much about his cock as it is about your role as cuckold.

The cock is the symbol of manhood, which is why it is not referred to as a cock for cuckolds, but rather as a ‘penis’ and teased, denied and demeaned as an expression of dominance/submission withinin cuckold marriages. It is also the symbol of the husband’s cuckolding. This is particularly true when that cock embodies characteristics or qualities superior or more desirable for the wive than the husband’s penis.

Being exposed to or having to interact with another male, her lover, in particular, can also bring on these feelings as such interaction (cleaning, bathing, assisting in their coupling) will also likely be very arousing and in these cases, the source of arousal is most often the submission expressed by having to perform such acts – not an attraction to another male.

Perhaps some of you are breathing a sigh of relief now!