Beautiful wives deserve to be on display.

A Common Desire

Many husbands are fascinated with sharing their wives visually. I often wonder just how many staff at hotels worldwide have been treated to views such as above when a husband allows his wife to be viewed nude in her sleep. Yes, it’s the thrill of taboo and being proud of your wife and wanting others to know how fortunate you are, but for many husbands it’s but the first level of sharing his sexy bride.


For some women, enjoying their sexuality is as natural as breathing, but for many, dare I say most, discovering themselves as a sexual being often comes later in life. The easiest, most enjoyable route to that discovery is through her own natural beauty and sex appeal.

The sexier a woman is, the more natural it is she enjoy what she was blessed with. For women married to men who agree, they only deny themselves pleasure by not openly enjoying their feminine curves and hollows and sharing in that experience with their husband and often to an even greater degree with a lover.

A very public display

When I show off a wife in the fashion seen here to the left, it is after many other, smaller experiences. By this point, she enjoys the experience:

  • out of her own enjoyment at being on display
  • because of the sense of submission gained through it
  • because of the submission experienced by her husband
  • because of the pride and enjoyment she gives me & her husband
  • or for some or all of the above reasons

I have typically already scouted the location to be used when I do this sort of thing and even if not in the car with her, would be close by to ensure she a) follows directions and b) is absolutely safe.

Women are often too hung up on labels like ‘slut’ which allow others to control their behavior and even their thoughts. I want women to understand that what they wear can never define them – that is entirely up to them. We know trash when we see it and we know sexy when we see it.

A Path To Cuckolding

A visually shared wife.

For many husbands, the first steps toward cuckolding begin with her showing off. Showing her off is the simplest and most universal way of ‘sharing’ a wife, even though it’s only visual. Imagine all the teasing and the planning that led up to this few minutes of exposure for this wife and all the heated intimacy that is to follow as the couple relives this experience. Now imagine that it was her lover she did this for and you can imagine the intensity shared by all.

In my experience, wives are much more likely to let themselves enjoy a bit of adventure with a lover or boyfriend. They may get started with/for their husband and take it to a certain level before hitting a ‘wall’ and stopping.  That wall is a mental barrier caused by the desire to keep the relationship within ‘safe’ boundaries. Sexual exploration with a boyfriend doesn’t have the same limits because ultimately, the hotwife will return to her husband and her ‘safety’ if the ‘adventure’ turns out to not be what she wanted. Yes, it is humbling for a husband to see this exploration take place with her boyfriend rather than him, but it is much more arousing for him than humbling.

Start At Home

Training at home.

I start most couples on this journey while still safely in their home. The home is one place where clothing should always be optional. It is here your choices are the greatest and your limits the least. Even with kids still at home, conscious choices can still be made that will be effective expressions of the lifestyle.

When I am entertained by a couple in their home, I most often enjoy having the cuckold naked and the wife covered to some degree, but neither dressed nor naked. I also encourage this, to a lesser degree, when I’m not there. This is to help develop the alternative forms of intimacy so important in a cuckold marriage. When she dresses to my standards, even without me physically there, I am there and both are reminded of the erotic path onto which they’ve set foot.

In Public

Small & very sexy.

With almost all the wives I have dated, the husbands told me up front there were things their wife wouldn’t do. Chief among them was to go in public without a bra. Any ideas what my first challenge for her was? Any idea how that worked out? She went without her bra, of course. Why? She perceived a greater ‘payoff’ for doing so. Not only was she certain to be rewarded by me in a most pleasurable fashion, but in many cases it was something she desired, but couldn’t bring herself to do on her own. Being ‘told to’ by someone she responds to as an authoritative figure makes it much easier. Her husband, being her peer, her partner, simply doesn’t have the ‘leverage’ or authority to make that ‘order’ mentally meaningful.


Accidental Exposure

A woman who boldly looks you in the eye just after having done a ‘Sharon Stone’ on you wants to be seen – nothing wrong with that, but often overlooked is the ease with which a woman can allow herself to be on display without ever giving away the knowledge that she’s aware of her exposure. When her nipples become excited and the unlined bras are insufficient to prevent them from being visible, women just assume everyone must know they are aware of their excited state. Wrong. No one has any idea what you know and are aware of. This is the best mental defense.

Sexy at work.

Women already know how to guard against accidentally exposing themselves, so it’s simply a matter of making more conscious choices about whether to do so or not and when to actually create those situations rather than waiting for them to happen.

When a woman is at work and her skirt rides up – does anyone know if she’s aware of it or not? No. When that button on her blouse just between her breasts somehow comes undone exposing a generous glimpse of a breast covered only by a sheer lace bra, who would expect that she was told to leave it undone?

Often, the workplace can be an excellent venue for a wife to begin learning this art. There is often a wide latitude on dress code or none at all and the workplace conduct rules are an effective way of preventing things from escalating – unless that’s what is desired!

Display as part of the cuckold lifestyle.

Beautiful Display

For me, how a wife presents herself to the world is as much of the lifestyle as her intercourse with other men. A hotwife should always dress the part, as stated in my earlier post here. Doing so is not only erotic on its own, but also serves as the fabric of our relationship. When other men notice her, she will think of her husband and she will think of me. When she slips on her bra, her husband will be reminded that it is unlined, as are all her bras now, so that when her sexy nipples become aroused, they will easily show against the fabric of her blouse or dress. This is not only an expression of her sexuality, but an expression of her submission, both equally important.

Dressing the part doesn’t require  see-through clothing, of course; often it’s the simplest changes that are the most effective:

  • Paying more attention to the fit of clothing, the fabric
  • notice how different fabrics move when you do
  • simply leaving one or two more buttons open on a simple blouse
  • adding stockings to an otherwise standard dress

Covered, yet naked.

Left, you see a wife completely naked under what was intended to be only intimate wear inside the home, yet she is clearly well outside the home. Perhaps she was told to get the mail this way or perhaps she was taken to his car this way for an evening at her lover’s home.  The anxiety is clear on her face, and often the more intense experiences of being on display can be difficult for her at the moment, but are very erotic to relive after-the-fact. The same is true for her cuckold when we subject him to being humbled in public by having to introduce me as her boyfriend, for example.

Showing off can be much more than a simple, quick turn on – it can help redefine your marriage in a positive and very erotic way.