This very active hotwife had her first extramarital cock only three days after her husband suggested it. I do believe that’s a record.

An equal-opportunity hotwife, Ms. Carolina, or Becky as she is known in their xHamster profile, may be a new hotwife, but she is already well acquainted with extramarital cock.

I have to say that Becky has done a fantastic job of exploring her sexuality and her husband has done an excellent job supporting her.

226_1000 This shot, part of a group called ‘Honeymoon Pics’, clearly foretold this couples’ potential.

That’s quite the suckable pair right there.

I haven’t spoken but a few times with her cuckold, so I don’t have a lot of details yet on their current situation with regard to a boyfriend for her, but I’m guessing we’ll all be hearing a lot more from them from here out.

What I do know is that a couple who can  start down this lifestyle path this early in their marriage and while still in their 30s demonstrates a very solid, loving bond that will only grow stronger through inviting other males to have a sexual role in their marriage.

Is there some video? Why yes, yes there is.

Her cuckold did a great job of documenting her extramarital coupling. His filming and editing efforts captured the entire event from foreplay to creampie and also illustrated his loving support by joining her in the bed.

I know they are actually just starting to explore what cuckolding means to them and only beginning to learn how they want to experience it, but I have to say this is a fantastic start.