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We started out dabbling in swinging. We both had a couple experiences playing separate then started realizing that I was way more turned on by her fucking someone else. From there we started finding guys for mfm threesomes. We did that for a while and never could really find anyone that we clicked with to have for an ongoing partner.

More and more i started realizing that I was almost infatuated with thoughts of her fucking other men; men who were bigger and better than myself. I started researching cuckolding and finally built up the nerve to tell her about it. At first she was a little reluctant but it didn’t take long before she really took to the idea of it. Now she seems like a natural at it and damn is she good at it!

For a couple who are only a few months into cuckolding as part of their marriage, this couple has come a long way and is doing a lot of things right already.

She isn’t dating her boyfriend all that regularly yet, but that’s mostly due to his unfamiliarity with the concept of a husband being both aware and supportive of his wife dating.

Any woman can wear stockings, but very few look that good in them. I know the verification shot isn’t that clear, but the sexy thing about it is she took that just yesterday, at work, when her cuckold told her we were talking about them participating here. Gotta love that!

I feel confident we’ll be seeing more of this couple around here!