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Party time!

For a variety of reasons we hadn’t made any progress for several months. One thing you do learn with cuckolding is that it’s a slow burn and that progress is made in fits and starts. You get nowhere for ages and then, all of a sudden, things happen. Progress Well, not exactly ‘all of a sudden’. We had a good talk and shared our thoughts and concerns. Jayne was still harbouring feelings that it would be disloyal, unkind and that she would be being unfaithful. I was a little dismayed at this because it just wasn’t a problem and...

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Thoughts on fantasies.

Discussing fantasies is a key part of a cuckolding relationship not only in the wannabe stage but also in the reality stage as well. It’s very important that you both feel comfortable (relatively anyway) discussing your fantasies with each other as this shows honesty and openess between you but also, in a very parctical way, allows you to know what each other enjoys. I always think the best way to do this is whilst kissing, cuddling and using the hand. It’s very erotic to discuss my many fantasies with Jayne whilst she toys and plays with my penis. Of course, she’s...

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From fantasy to reality

  Early meets A while back I introduced Jayne, my girlfriend, to my developing sexual fantasies around cuckolding and what I now understand to be my submissive tendencies. It’s taken a couple of years but we have now had a couple of meets. To those wannabes who are yet to persuade their wife (or even to dare broach the subject) to enact their fantasy for them, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but that’s the easy part. The hard part, the really hard part, is finding the right guy. Whatever your thing is you and your wife will have...

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A new cuck explains

 Starting Our Journey First a little about us. We are a happy white couple in our early 40’s (both separated from our respective spouses) with a very active sex life. Just recently, Jayne agreed to cuckold me. We had discussed the fantasy at length for the last year or so and explored it online and used it in bed to good effect. Obviously we were both unsure (Jayne a lot more so) but a couple of positive experiences have settled us down. I’d like to focus here on why I wanted it so much and how we ended up...

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