Early meets

A while back I introduced Jayne, my girlfriend, to my developing sexual fantasies around cuckolding and what I now understand to be my submissive tendencies. It’s taken a couple of years but we have now had a couple of meets. To those wannabes who are yet to persuade their wife (or even to dare broach the subject) to enact their fantasy for them, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but that’s the easy part. The hard part, the really hard part, is finding the right guy.

Whatever your thing is you and your wife will have a pretty good idea of what will really do it for you. Hopefully it will be similar and after some talking you’ll have a pretty good idea of what kind of guy you are looking for. Say you want a fit, young, black, well hung, repeater with good manners and a pleasant, respectful personality who doesn’t smoke and knows how to treat a lady well in the situation you are interested in. Oh and he’s got to live reasonably close (not too close) and be able to fit in with your other commitments. I could go on, but you get my drift. It’s not going to be easy to find who you want and they also have to be into the ‘scene’. We started out on a swingers website and had great fun. We’d go on cam on the site and eventually Jayne would get her tits out and enjoy the compliments while toying with me. We also try and use the cam to verify guys who we might want to meet so we know what they actually look like. You’d be surprised how many guys can’t cam for a variety of absurd reasons.

Before I go on let me stress how many time-wasters and bullshitters there are out there. How many are never intending to meet, lose their nerve when it comes to meeting or are really with partners and when it comes to it, bail out and either cancel or just don’t show. Others have an endless list of reasons why can’t they verify what they look like or why they can never meet. It can get dispiriting but just keep plodding on until you hit lucky. Some people more experienced on here may have a few tips on how to find the right guy, we’re still learning.

We have met two guys and both meets were great fun and left us wanting more. Both were young and fit and very well mannered and behaved impeccably. However, neither were well hung (one was smaller than me the other a similar size) and both were a little overcome by the situation. Jayne was also understandably nervous and it was after they’d left that the real fun started.  Both guys played a huge part in the great sex we had after, and still have now. The first guy came on her tits the other fucked her. Listening to and watching them lick her pussy, play with her tits and fuck her was intensely erotic and gave me a raging hardon. I never spurted while they were with us but in the hours after the 2nd meet we shared 7 orgasms in just over 24 hours. I’d spoken to Jayne before the second meet about how I wanted wanking off into a wad of tissues. She didn’t really understand why and I tried to explain it in terms of my sperm not deserving of anything better. It was a mild D/s act. Like many things it didn’t quite work out like that. I spurted quickly enough, missed the wad of tissues and came on her tits. The complete opposite of what was intended and we fell about laughing.

What next

Neither guy made her cum and they only came once each. I still want to be cuckolded ‘properly’ although neither of us consider either of the first two meets as failures. They weren’t what we’d fantasised about but they were great fun, the guys were perfectly well behaved (no-one wants to meet an arsehole however big his cock is) and we’ve learnt a lot, not least that Jayne needs to tell them what she likes. Not sure what the next step is. Considering a BMFC (black mans fan club) party. Very erotic but a big step.