For most couples, it’s the bonds of a loving marriage which provide the foundation for the discovery and exploration of alternative lifestyles. For this couple, engaged to be married later this summer, it was their discovery of a mutual fantasy and compelling need that forged their relationship and the bonds that hold them together.

Just to be clear, the couple pictured above and left is not the engaged couple; the male she’s embracing is one of two studs who now have infrequent sexual access to her and one of four black bulls in total she’s experienced since she and her fiance committed to her being sexually available for black men.

Both she and her fiance were raised in the south and feel a calling to stand up to the silent prejudice that still haunts the south – especially with regard to interracial couples. She may be marrying another of her race, but together, they feel it important that sexually she be committed to interracial sex.

In my discussions with her fiance I’ve come to suspect that they are at a critical point in their lifestyle where each is waiting for the other to encourage that next step. Currently, the two studs in her stable are unaware that her fiance is not only aware of her coupling with them, but entirely supportive. I’ve told him that remaining in this arrangement is not only severely limiting, but an indication that he’s put his ego ahead of their common commitment.

I’ve encouraged him and I ask that those of you who see him in the website chat under the name of our_friends_have_no_idea to encourage him (them) to take a more open perspective and invite at least the favorite of her two studs into their relationship to openly take and enjoy his role as her lover.

I see this as not just a natural progression for them both, but necessary if they are truly committed to fighting the silent (and not so silent) prejudice against interracial couples. It’s now their obligation that she publicly date her stud(s) and make it evident to those watching them that she has an intimate relationship with him.  The prospect of taking this step clearly excited her fiance as I imagine it will excite her.

Both have also considered the risks and already realized and accepted that bringing her stud into the relationship on a more open basis will not only increase her access to his cock, something she needs, but also increase the odds that at some point nature might take it’s course and truly cuckold her then husband. While there are no plans for that currently, both realize that the prospect of her womb welcoming his child over her husbands is likely and not unnatural given their commitment.

As you can see to the right, she’s both beautiful and sexy – a woman who clearly should be free to choose both her sexual partners and her mate, including choices from outside her marriage.