Like a hotwife’s sex, a cuckold’s curiosity requires a lot of feeding!


A cop waves a badge, a bull waves a cock.

I’m posting this in response to a question I had recently from a wife who was concerned her husband had ulterior motives (bisexuality) in sharing her and encouraging her as a hotwife.While this does happen, it’s in the overwhelming minority and is often pretty obvious in many other ways than simple curiosity about past/current lovers. The root of her concern stemmed from a pattern of questioning by her husband that began when the wife shared details about experiences with previous lovers. This wife was very alarmed by the curiosity of her husband regarding the genitals of her lovers; how long was his cock, whether it was thicker than his own, for example. Her husband wanted to know “…did his balls feel heavy?”. This wife felt quite uncomfortable trying to provide such details to her husband and this is rather common. Not only was she struggling with the language herself (not accustomed to such frank discussion of males with her husband or anyone), but also feared how being honest might hurt her husband’s feelings and/or self-confidence.

For any wives reading this, be reassured that such curiosity is 100% normal and actually quite healthy. Your husband is not a latent bisexual but rather fixated on the single most obvious symbol of cuckoldry: the physical manifestation of his cuckolding. When I first began seeing a wife on a regular basis and we got to the point where I was spending time at their place some evenings and overnights on the weekend I noticed he seemed fixated on my cock when it was visible. When I mentioned to her, she just laughed and said it was like hearing stories of Sasquatch sightings and then finally seeing it for yourself. The fact is your cuckold needs to know everything he can about your boyfriend because his thoughts are completely fixated on you – and him – much of the time, but especially during dates. During this time, the cuckold’s imagination tries to fill in the blanks that his own eyes have yet to see and the more detail you give him, the easier he can do that and – most importantly – feel included.

Don’t feel guilty about the inevitable teasing effect when you tell your husband that your boyfriend’s cock is superior in one or more ways – he wants to hear that and expects to hear that. Even if he’s seen that cock, he still wants you to say it. Remember that the pain of feeling you’re keeping secrets far outweighs the fleeting discomfort of an erotic discussion of the cock that pleasures you.