Thanks to the wonderful world of the Interwebs (thank you, Al Gore), couples are taking to their kinks much earlier than just a decade ago. I wish I could find out more about this couple, but I assume they’re a college couple but not married. The benefit of engaging in this sort of play while still dating is that both learn to value the role of the other in ways beyond traditional needs of a relationship. If they recognize this sort of enjoyment is not easily attained with other partners, their pre-marital bond is strengthened and welcoming this kink into their relationship becomes more natural.

This play is also a precursor to cuckold play since forming a sexual relationship with another male is the most intense and meaningful way for a woman to become empowered. Another curious dynamic for couples involved in female dominant play like tease/denial, CBT, and chastity, is that it creates a conflict where the female can’t enjoy exercising full control of her boy’s toys if she’s having to rely on him for the sexual satisfaction she deserves. This is why inviting another male into the relationship for that purpose makes such good sense.