Retraining her husband – and his penis.

His penis is fully swollen and a size most women could easily enjoy inside them. Her eyes show how much she appreciates the very physical way his body has responded to her, but look at that smile – it says something else, doesn’t it?

I think she realized just how aroused he is – how very much he desires, no needs, to be inside her, but he’s not fooling her – again. See how shiny and firm the head of that penis is? He’s quite close to orgasm already. If she takes him inside her, it’ll all be over much too soon. That smile says she has no intention of taking him inside her and instead, plans to enjoy the twitching, leaking center of her man’s soul for as long as she can before ruining his orgasm.

Perhaps after that he’ll get a chance to enter her, but then again, maybe she’s already gifted that privilege to her boyfriend.