The idea is certainly appealing.

Admittedly I adore the collar and the dangling tag – a fitting decoration for any owned submissive, but in this case, this woman’s submission takes a very particular form, a sub-fetish in D/s where the submissive is trained as a housepet. I specify ‘housepet’ vs ‘pet’ since I often use ‘pet’ in reference to a beloved, owned submissive.

The obvious point to housepet training is to humble the trainee; the less obvious goal is to objectify the trainee and treat their presence, their nudity, and their servitude as mundane.


Whether training a male or a female, the idea of reducing them to a role roughly equivalent to a family dog does have some appeal. While only relatively few could live this way 24/7 (that goes for both Master and submissive), such training scenarios can be very effective in teaching deeper submission in a relatively short time and can also be used as a form of punishment where the submission is sufficiently intense as to preclude it from being enjoyable.

Submissive Couples

When training a couple, the assumption might be made to train both in this fashion and while I might agree with that, in general, but in practice I would likely train them individually at first.

For example: I may specify that at their home, when I am present, her husband is to be the housepet and when they are at my place, she is the housepet. Having a sense of there being an ‘audience’ to their performance and training as a housepet creates a more intense environment.

Gender Differences

Requiring your housepet to not speak, to eat from the floor, or your hand; even to be led outside on their lead to pee can affect the genders very differently. I understand that leading your housepet outdoors to force them to urinate in the open isn’t necessarily a pleasant idea on its own, but when you consider the scenario in terms of dominance and submission, it’s quite powerful.

When choosing to punish a female by having her endure housepet training, the punishment comes in the form of minimizing intimacy and making interaction mechanical. Your female submissive craves your attention, so being left curled up at your feet can be an intense lesson in being close, yet so far away.

For the male, enduring housepet training is a different experience where their humiliation plays a more significant role than it will for the female, in most cases.

Housepet Gear

In addition to the obvious collar and lead, there are a few other items of note for use in training a housepet which are also commonly used in ‘pony’ training – a topic for another day!

You might also consider a variety of harnesses, including head gear and genital gear, especially for the cuckold. A harness for his dangly bits can be used to enforce chastity, or to keep them bound and presented for torment and teasing to reinforce his lack of control and his diminished manhood. Tail plugs, headbands with ears and even prosthetic gags to imitate the snout of various animals are readily available online.

Creative Training Scenario

Let’s assume we’re training the cuckold. Given the earlier example of his status as housepet when I visit their place, we know that he will be naked, tailed, collared and harnessed when I arrive. Both will greet me at the door, but he will be naked and on all fours where she will be suitably dressed for her lover.

Our housepet will be forbidden from walking upright while in any room I occupy.

I may have him come and ‘sit up’ so I can inspect his harness and perhaps tighten it. I may attach his lead or I may add ‘attachments’ to the sensitive bits of his anatomy so nicely presented in the harness.

As I move, he will follow and lay at my feet until commanded.

Once his wife serves our dinner, I can have her offer treats for him to eat from her fingers or drop them on the floor to feed our housepet.

Run With It

There are endless possibilities with this approach – as there are with cuckolding in general. Use your imagination, be safe, push boundaries.