Helping nature take its course.

Socializing is, in my opinion, the most effective way for wives to meet guys they want to date and dating is the most effective way for a wife to find a long-term boyfriend. Yes, success can be had online where expectations can be more easily set and communicated, but looking online comes with other complications. The age-old process of boy sees girl, flirtation happens is a chemical and social process built into us and for that reason alone is still the best way to get a hotwife actively dating.

Unfortunately, the reality is that wives and couples tend to lead complicated lives where time budgeting is a challenge and a fair to large portion of their interactivity with men is under time-limited circumstances when flirting and courtship isn’t practical. Even when time is available and flirtation is effective – then what? Does a woman risk her privacy with someone who is still a relative stranger by sharing her mobile number? Probably not. Is she bold enough to ask for his? Usually not. That’s where this idea comes in.

Hotwife Flirt Cards

business-cardsFlirt Cards are business cards for the flirting wife. They are a way to invite and/or extend interaction with someone recently met. Instead of offering the wife’s mobile number or home number, the card can provide only an email address for an existing ‘play’ account or a new one can be created if she doesn’t have one for this purpose. A ‘play’ account is one set up using a ‘free email’ service like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. This means that even if only physically attracted, the wife can offer a card and continue the contact with him via email as well as arrange another opportunity to meet and continue the physical flirtation.

The template is built around using Avery Business Card stock #8871 that prints in home printers and produces very nice looking, smooth edge business cards. A package of 200 business cards in printer format is around $15. My guess is this template will work well with any similar product.

Flirt_Card_Template (download – 32Kb, MS Word .doc)

templateThese cards run the spectrum from very vague invitations to very specific wording that indicates the husband’s permissive role. This enables a more ‘tailored’ choice when handing out a card. The ‘Date Voucher’ card, for example, could be given by either the husband or the wife. If given by the husband, it’s obviously clear he’s aware, but even if given by the wife, it provides an opening to casually explain being married, yet available to date.

These cards can be customized further by adding URLs (links) to online profiles at this site or others. The cards can be printed on  both sides as well allowing for more content to be included, if desired. It’s also possible to include an image or images, if edited properly, to remind the recipient of who gave him the card while keeping said image anonymous.

Verified couples can request a personalized template from me.

Having a card handy in the purse will enable even the shy wife to extend communication or buy herself some time if she’s feeling a bit overwhelmed by a courting male. It also ensures having only a few minutes with someone interesting doesn’t have to be the end of it.

If you have any success with these, I’d love to hear about it.