perfect body for extended stays inside her

A beautiful pet awaiting capture.

There are three very wonderful things about MiauMiau:

  1. she’s a completely adorable fuckdoll
  2. she’s a submissive hotwife
  3. she prefers older men

Of course we can’t overlook her loving husband who is responsible for letting this flower blossom as it has.

They are currently geographically separated, which adds to the value and necessity of her role as a hotwife. She’s in France and he’s in Mexico. They both travel and visit for extended periods which is when the majority of her play as a hotwife happens.

I do understand that she feels much safer enjoying her role as a hotwife when her husband is present to see to her well-being, but the whole point of dating is to use that courtship to find a guy or guys who are both sexually appealing and interested in earning the trust necessary to be her boyfriend. My mission is to help her find her way to dating independently; a woman of her age and sexual appeal should never be without cock to exercise her properly.

So far, MiauMiau’s enjoyment of other men has been arranged and attended by her husband. What she – and he – ultimately need for her is a Dom 40+ to take ownership of them both. Hmm. I think I know someone like that. Sadly, and I mean very sadly, I’m not visiting France or Mexico anytime soon though the temptation of having her at the end of my leash is quite appealing.

They seem quite active on Twitter and hopefully will become contributors here as well. I know I won’t tire of seeing her.

My last conversation with her husband included the news that they may soon be moving into formal chastity for him. I think that would be much more appropriate if she starts dating on her own, don’t you think? We’ll have to update their blog here with some shots of his restrained penis, of course.

My thanks to her cuckold for translating the Hotwife Inrtroduction into Spanish. The downloadable guide is now available in German and Spanish and should soon be available in French as well, thanks to MiauMiau.