Time for another jeanynjeff update!

It looks like they may have finally found a boyfriend for her who is a good fit. By good fit, I do mean they way he fits into their marriage as the second male and how his cock fits inside hottie: a very snug fit, I’m told.

hottie's boyfriend's cock

jeany’s ‘s new cock

You can’t tell in this shot, but jeff is sitting right next to him when this was taken. Hottie commented for days about how much longer and thicker his cock is soft than jb even when erect. Now you can see why I say it’s a good fit inside her, eh?

hottieReadyThis is the shot that showed up on my phone one day in a txt from jb. Jeany had him send this once she was ready and waiting for her man to arrive. Two hours later, I get the one below.


Her new stud was quite comfortable enjoying the exploration of her body with jeff present and, I’m told, jeany was quite comfortable giving direction to her cuckold and humbling him in subtle but effective ways. Such behavior is empowering and enjoyable for a hotwife who is entertaining and servicing another man in front of her husband, but more importantly, establishes the relationship dynamic for the bull, making him more comfortable in his role.

You would think they’ve been lovers for a long time when you see them together like that, right?

I thought all might appreciate the during / after presentation here. Cleanup, in front of her new man, wasn’t something planned, as I recall, it was something hottie simply wanted and expected of her cuckold and from all accounts, he was quite appreciative of witnessing jb demonstrate his acceptance of her new man’s role in their marriage.

There was supposed to be another date just a couple days ago, but life interceded as it sometimes does. I have no doubt hottie is looking to reschedule quality time with that cock as soon as she can!