Before I tell you about my wife’s most recent sexual adventure while we were visiting Las Vegas this last weekend, let me give you a little background about us.

We have been married for 20 years. We were swingers for most of our married life, and just over 5 years ago became a Hotwife/cuckold couple.  Like most cuckold couples, my wife found it hard to believe that she was free to have sex with any man she wanted, and that I would remain faithful to only her. We started off slowly and our hotwife/cuckold relationship developed very dramatically over the years. Of course , currently it is totally different from when it began 5 years ago. All  her dating  rules & agreements have been thrown out the window, and it has developed in to a fantastic, loving cuckold marriage…but nothing like we envisioned. She started as a Hotwife to add spice to our sex life. She would couple with other men and I would love to watch, listen or know she was out getting it. It made our sex like much better & we were having sex more often then ever before.

Then over time the dynamic started to change. I wanted to be submissive to her lovers, and she wanted more lovers, more often. I was all for her dating more men & wanted her to enjoy all the sex she wanted.I became sidelined, as she was finding more & more sexually exciting partners. She was finding lovers that were able to please her in ways I could not. They were not only sexually superior, but better at sex, lasted longer and had bigger cocks. We both saw the change, knew what would happen if we continued in this lifestyle, and both wanted it. She loved her new found sexual freedom & became very sexually promiscuous with my blessing.  At one point she was going out nightly & coupling with men she met just as often. Sometimes she would not come home for days & couldn’t count the number of men she had been with during that period. I was sexually excited all day, with a constant erection, thinking about all the men my wife was fucking. This period of sexual exploration for my wife went on for about 6 months, then ended as quickly as it started when she found herself a boyfriend.

She fell head over heels in love with him, and I encouraged their relationship. They became an item, they dated several times a week and coupled more often. Then things really began to change, he was a DOM Bull,& the both of them began to cuckold me.  Over the following year they changed me from a sexually active husband of a hotwife to a  very sexually limited, non coupling submissive cuckold. The change was very calculated & carefully implemented by both my wife  and her DOM Bull. I was anxious to become a cuckold as I knew I had the cuckold  gene.The one , when your watching your wife coupling with the hottest guy you can think of, and your cock is rock hard the entire time you are watching them go at it in front of you. If that happens to any man, you are destined to become a cuckold.  My cuckolding progressed rapidly. It started by her BF telling me I can only couple with my wife if I used a condom. Of course he, the boyfriend did not use a condom when he coupled with my wife. Next I was told that I could not couple with my wife any longer under any circumstances, & was being denied sex by her DOM. But as a good cuckold, I knew my job was to support my wife and allow her BULL to fulfill all her sexual needs. So it happened, I was reduced to a sexually restricted non coupling submissive cuckold.

Currently my wife is a very sexually agressive & sexually active Hotwife with a regular boyfriend and several lovers, and I am a very sexually limited, non coupling submissive cuckold. Our usual Saturday night revolves around my wife going out on a date with one of her lovers. She will spend the night at his place, swallowing his cum , coupling with him bareback ,and allowing him to take her anally.I will be at  home mastrubating  & thinking about the fantastic sex the two of them are having together. Sometimes she will call & let me listen to them “going at it”  on the phone for a while, and on special occasions, she will bring me along to watch, so I can watch her couple bareback with her lover, and see what I’m not allowed to have anymore. She also likes to make me watch her swallow her lover’s semen, and be taken anally, both of which I have NEVER experienced with my wife.  She also likes to humiliate me by making me go with her on a first date, and then allowing her new man to enjoy all of these sexual pleasures I have never enjoyed with her, and never will!  There is nothing that makes me feel more cuckolded than watching a man who my wife met one hour ago, cumming in her mouth ,enjoying her anally, and coupling with her bareback!

As a non coupling submissive cuckold, my wife does not orally service me, and I am not allowed any kind of intercourse with her. Both are only for her lovers to enjoy. I am allowed to orally clean her up after a date and love that duty. She likes to humiliate me by forcing me to clean her up after a very messy date,  or after she returns from a swing club date with her boyfriend and has coupled with multiple men that evening.  Otherwise, all of my sexual release & the only way I am allowed to orgasm is through solo masturbation. I am not allowed or orgasm in from of my wife or any of her lovers. My wife & her lovers also control when and if I can masturbate. My wife prefers to let her boyfriend and lovers decide how sexually restricted/denied I am for masturbation. Mastrubation  & allowing me to have an orgasm from masturbation is all they can restrict, since sexually that is all I’m allowed to do presently. Last week as a gift, I gave my wife a male Chasity device that she & her boyfriend can use on me as they see fit!

I am totally submissive to my wife, her boyfriend and all of her lovers. Both my wife & I are very happy in our current cuckold marriage. We are like best friends and talk about all her lovers on a regular basis. I support her in the sexual relationships she has with her lovers. I get totally off just knowing about her sexual relationships, and love the fact that I can also watch & listen to her & her lover’s coupling when she allows me!

We have many stories to tell of our cuckolding adventures. We were just in Las Vegas last weekend,& met a young stud from craigslist. We invited him for a drink at our casino ,talked a few minutes, then invited him to our room.Once in the room my wife coupled with our young stud while I watched & masturbated. We had a great time.