As anyone who is a well-read member here will know, I’m a vocal advocate for public dating for hotwives: this is a reason why.

The cuckold taking these pictures was lucky if he didn’t spill his seed in his pants witnessing his wife’s complete commitment to her boyfriend in public. Seeing them kissing publicly is an erotic element on its own, but take in the full picture; note the incredibly sexy dress she’s wearing. Her breasts are very nicely and very overtly displayed for her boyfriend – while seated across from her husband.

Notice where her left hand is…? Of course, no self-respecting bull is going to let that go unanswered…

This is a quintessentially perfect hotwife/bull/cuckold public date and I congratulate them for the excellent example they set for other couples and prospective bulls.

I found this on a couple’s Tumblr, but couldn’t find it again when I went to write this. As soon as I find them again, I’ll post their link so you may all follow their success. Should this couple stumble across this – please get in touch; you two definitely have a home here.