Welcome to the third update on fuckdollMel and her husband, cuckold4Mel.

Need to get caught up?

Let’s start off with a fresh look at my fuckdoll…

Guys, are your pants are getting a bit tighter?

Owning Mel remotely as I do is certainly rewarding, but as you might imagine, having daily access to exercise her myself would be far more rewarding. Other than not being on birth control right now, I can’t imagine any reason I wouldn’t keep her topped off with my semen on a daily basis. Alas, that is unlikely to be anytime soon given the geographic reality, so I’m still intent on ensuring fuckdoll is actively exercised by a man or men who earn the privilege and trust to have nearly full access to a wide variety of ways to enjoy her.

Since the last update, fuckdoll hasn’t been fucked much. It’s terrible, I know – just ask her. Being a working mom presents its own challenges for the girl needing cock as much as she does, but being only 20 also means not being able to socialize as an adult. Fortunately, fuckdoll has recently had a birthday and is now legal in all aspects (even though she still doesn’t look old enough to buy smokes). I do think she’ll be quite popular in the club scene given I will be personally choosing what she may and may not wear and as on her previous dates, she’ll be subject to the expectations I have set for her in terms of her behavior while socializing.

These are some examples of how fuckdoll dresses on a daily basis – for work, shopping. Just dressed like that she draws a lot of male attention as one would guess, but for socializing, fuckdoll will be even better displayed. An example of her commitment to my choices for displaying her is below.


This is what she was wearing to work recently. It’s a nice view, certainly, but part of owning a pet is keeping her challenged, so I told her I didn’t feel like she should get to wear a bra that day. This tank is obviously very thin, so when I told her that her bra needed to come off, she knew exactly why I was making her do that. She was a good girl for me and did just as I asked – even though she was at work. I don’t normally display a girl at work to this degree, but her workplace is very liberal, to say the least. Still, it was going to be a challenge to be braless for the day, but my pet was a good girl and enjoyed the challenge.


She is obviously much better displayed now, isn’t she? Her husband works only thirty feet away but didn’t realize how displayed she was for quite some time.

Speaking of cuckold4Mel – he has decided that being her cuckold – actively participating in her dating and ownership by me, wasn’t for him (his words). He doesn’t want her to stop dating or taking guidance from me, but wasn’t getting what he wanted/expected out of the situation, you could say. It’s an odd situation for them – and for me – but I continue to look for the right time/opportunity to return to his full involvement. For now, I simply focus on ensuring fuckdoll continues her training.


Below we can see my pet showing me her outfit that day through a short video. Note the reflexive hand behavior when she sees for herself how short the dress is.

Obviously, the dress is more than acceptable, but that behavior of covering herself is not. Not only does it communicate a lack of confidence in how she looks, it’s entirely inappropriate to cover herself in front of her Owner, even if in front of me virtually.

Doing better – the hand started to move, but I think there is still room for improvement. Below we see the positive results of retraining her to never keep her legs closed when presenting herself to me. Now that’s a good girl.

It’s always rewarding to see a pet take to her training.

Piercings Update

Since the last update I’ve had a few people ask about her and how things are going – including some questions about her piercings and how they’ve healed. As you can all see, the girls have healed quite nicely! I had her display them for me right at her desk. Her cubicle is fairly private, but she has no way of stopping anyone from showing up at her desk.

whatsapp-image-2016-11-15-at-08-59-51She had some irritation with the left one for a bit, but seems fine now. She (and I) love the look and knowing how visible the piercings are when she’s not permitted a bra motivate her more to enjoy going without.

A women with her looks always gets dirty looks from unattractive, insecure women, but even more so when she has to display her nipples and piercings for her Owner. I’ve told her to remember that every scowl, every judgemental look should be thought of as me whispering “good girl…” in her ear.

I’ve also told her that whenever she is in public and on display, there is always that opportunity for an aspiring couple, an aspiring fuckdoll, to see her example and benefit from it.

Coming Soon…

In our next update I’ll share how I am socializing her to be displayed, practice her training, and start building a stable of reliable bulls to keep her exercised at the level I feel appropriate for her. I know to some reading this, the idea of any man, let alone one not even her husband making such decisions for her seems quite alien or even cruel, but if this wasn’t exactly what she wanted, I’d have no such power over her.

Rest assured, she is going to masturbate repeatedly while reading this like some of you will, I’m sure. – and that’s just what we expect.