The Urge To Merge

The research referred to was conducted with largely unmarried college women, but marital state isn’t going to change how their hormones and perceptions affect their sexuality. The following is just as true for a married woman as it would be for a single woman if not more so since women usually date the more sexually appealing males before deciding to play it safe and settle down with a reliable one.

Women who settle down with a stable guy instead of a sexy one might subconsciously struggle with that decision during their most fertile window of the month, a new study suggests.

Just before ovulating, women with a more reliable long-term partner are more likely to have negative feelings about their beau than those paired with more sexually desirable men, the researchers found.

“A woman evaluates her relationship differently at different times in her cycle, and her evaluation seems to be colored by how sexually attractive she perceives her partner to be,” researcher Martie Haselton, a professor of psychology and communication studies at UCLA, said in a statement.

via Unsexy guys annoy fertile girlfriends | Fox News.

Partner Plus Mate

extra-marital mating

This need for a woman to find a more sexually appealing mate during ovulation makes perfect sense when you consider that while in our natural sociological order, there is no expectation of monogamy – each male within a social group is on his own to try and impress a female to the point of being invited to mate with her. The higher his social rank in the group, the more likely he is to mate with his choice of females. The higher her sex appeal, the more choices she has with regard to mate choices.

The study — which will be detailed in the November issue of the journal Hormones and Behavior — is the latest of many that have found a woman’s fertile phase can cause subtle changes in her behavior. One suggested that ovulating women have more sexual fantasies, and another found they are more likely to prefer masculine guys when most fertile. A 2011 study even suggested that women are more likely to see Georgia O’Keeffe paintings as erotic during this fertile window. Oh yeah, and fertile gals spot snakes faster than women at other times of the menstrual cycle.

None of this should really be news to anyone who has been around here for any length of time and read my Biology of Cuckolding article. I’ve been explaining this human biological/sociological norm for many years now and helping couples to understand that her role as a hotwife and his as a cuckold is actually more normal for us, biologically, than what we’ve been told is normal all our lives.

The behavior of mating with more than one male within a social group is quite common among mammals and helps ensure all males will defend all offspring not knowing which they may have fathered. As much as we humans try to hold ourselves apart from the Animal Kingdom, we are nonetheless just as much a part of it as the lowest invertebrate.