Please welcome GTAhotwifecouple to the ranks of the verified!


For those who haven’t already seen the profile – have a look. She’s deliciously inviting. Check them out on Fetlife – a site and social platform kinksters I recommend.

From their profile:

We are a very happily married Cuckold couple. “Z” is in her mid 30’s, 5.9, blonde, thin, straight, all legs (Think Charlize Theron) and “s” is in his late 40’s, 6.0, fit, with dark hair who is also straight. We are both attractive, classy, professional, and very real. We live the cuckold lifestyle and have been at this for a little while now. This is who we are and how we live. We are always looking to meet potential Bulls/Lovers, and other likeminded Cuckold couples. We enjoy our lifestyle and it’s always nice to connect with others who also share the same kinks that we do. As a cuckold couple we always do things together, which includes managing our profile. Cucky will usually answer, however “Z” on occasion will as well.

Profile Bio, Z and s

This is a certified unicorn couple: she’s entirely hot and they both have the appropriate and desirable perspective on belonging to an alpha male who can earn their trust and obedience.

Z is rightfully picky, but that means she currently is not committed to one particular bull. She is actively seeking a full-time boyfriend and based on my discussion with her cuckold – they are ready to make the commitment to the right guy.