Please welcome PAownedCouple to the community.

Karen met Tim back in July since then he has been almost a weekly visitor. He has her wear his initial around her neck at all times. As the cuck I wear a restraint and serve them as I document the action with photos and videos. My wife is in her early thirties however, her Bull is in his fifties, twisting the illusion that the younger male is always the Alpha male involved. He has never used a condom with her though we did make sure all occupants were safe before we started this relationship.

The Bull’s dominance makes it easy to keep us all in check even when he is away. He fucks her regularly and repeatedly leaving no doubt to me (cuck) who owns her pussy. Hubby is five inches hard leaving little competition too the Bull’s 9 inches.

Ownership at this level is both beautiful and natural – what makes it rare is the relative rarity of Doms who can successfully own a couple in a healthy and enjoyable manner for everyone involved. I’m very glad to find couples who have experienced this dynamic.

I’ve personally never stated or hopefully even implied that younger bulls are any better in an Alpha (Dom) role than older males. In fact, I’d say it’s likely true that younger males can make great bulls yet they have a much more difficult time being a proper Dom for couples given their relative immaturity.

I’m looking forward to getting to know this couple better and hope they continue to contribute to the community here – examples like theirs are always so helpful for aspiring couples.