I’m very happy to report that k and her cuckold-candidate, s are verified!

curiouscpl_k-jacketyngcpl-s  is a lucky cuckold-candidate; k  is a slim yet curvy brunette with a devilish smile entirely appropriate for her sassy character. He isn’t going to win any cock comparison competitions (unless it’s for who has the smaller one) but yngcpl-k says it gets the job done – mostly.

Good is often the enemy of great, as they say and yngcpl-s is convinced his sexy wife deserves great. I couldn’t agree more. K is a very sexual creature trying to come to terms with her needs vs. her upbringing but has come to embrace the concept of taking a boyfriend, dating, and cuckolding her husband properly. We’re still a ways out from making it happen for them, but as I tell everyone, the journey is part of the pleasure.

S is going to get so hard reading this, isn’t he, k? Promise me you’ll tease him a bit before letting him spurt.

Oh – almost forgot; k has a fantastically shaped bottom which just barely teases a view of her sex from behind. Thanks for that view, s. He did get punished for sharing that with me, but that’s a story for another time.

Please feel welcome to say hi and congratulate them on becoming verified, but respect their wishes if they choose not to chat as most of the time they come in to chat with me.