The Cuckold Penis

For many cuckolds, the role of his penis within the marriage forever changes once she begins dating. Intimacy vs Intercourse Intimate yet not intercourse. Couples naturally but incorrectly assume that to have physical intimacy, they would have to be having intercourse when the fact is that for many, if not most cuckold couples, intercourse is likely one of the least effective methods for enjoying and sharing in physical intimacy. For cuckolds…

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The Cuckold Demotion

Cuckold Genitals As we all know a male’s genitals are not only what physically identifies him as a male, but more importantly, they serve as the physical manifestation of their mental, social and emotional self-identity. The penis is central to a husband’s self-centric perspective where if it’s erect, he can have expectations of sex. The husband’s testicles represent his role as the wife’s mate. The image above illu…

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The Pantied Cuckold

Diminishing masculinity is at the root of submission for a cuckold. There are many ways to extend or exercise that emasculation – preventing your boy from wearing masculine underwear can be a very effective one. Panty wearing, among cuckolds, is most often associated with mouse-hung cuckolds – males whose equipment will actually fit into a woman’s panties without simply falling out as in the example above. Clearly his wife is…

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Cuckold Suffering

…of Submission, suffering is core to the expression and expectation of submission. This post briefly explores the cuckold perspective of submission through physical suffering as expressed through bondage and cock and ball torment (CBT). When we humble a cuckold, we are asking him to accept emotional and mental suffering. By accepting and even welcoming that emotional and mental suffering, the cuckold is expressing submission. Expressing his submis…

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Cuckold Denial

…his wife. The practice of the various forms of denial can lead to increased physical and emotional intimacy for cuckold couples as well as a heightened experience for other males involved with the couple. They key isn’t just to limit the cuckold’s ability to have intercourse with his wife, but to channel that need into other forms of intimacy. Context In a general sense, couples want sex for for three reasons: sexual release physica…

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The Dom’s Role

What a Dom brings to a cuckold marriage: Let’s talk about that word, ‘Dom’ and why I feel a cuckold couple should always seek a boyfriend for her who can provide them both the leadership so necessary for most couples in this lifestyle. A natural fit. Couples enter into a cuckold marriage commitment for one or both of two main reasons: the wife needs (and deserves) a fulfilling sexual experience her husband isn’t able to…

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Building The Bond

…rebuild itself. When a hotwife dates, for example, she exercises the martial muscle. When she comes home to her cuckold, cuddles with him in bed and begins to share her experience with him that day, the next day and/or over the days and weeks to come, the marital muscle is rebuilt stronger. In truth, it’s not only the act of the hotwife’s dating that causes this exercise, it’s any and all of the aspects of cuckolding including…

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LBHOTWIFEHUBBY’s Cuckold Marriage

…ek and coupled more often. Then things really began to change, he was a DOM Bull,& the both of them began to cuckold me.  Over the following year they changed me from a sexually active husband of a hotwife to a  very sexually limited, non coupling submissive cuckold. The change was very calculated & carefully implemented by both my wife  and her DOM Bull. I was anxious to become a cuckold as I knew I had the cuckold  gene.The one , when y…

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Cuckold Chastity

Cuckold chastity mainly refers to physically enforced chastity through the use of a device to restrict a husband’s ability to have sex, masturbate and in some cases prevent and even punish erections. Why restrain your husband’s penis? There are multiple reasons a chastity device should be considered to establish full control of a cuckold’s penis. Reasons range from simple masturbation prevention to enhancing the D/s aspect of…

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Anal Love: The Pinnacle

There is perhaps no manifestation of the cuckold experience more intense than the experience of anal lovemaking between a wife and her lover. The surrender of this most private cavity by a wife (and her cuckold) to her bull goes far beyond a mere sexual act. It is, in its ideal realization, the breaching of a frontier that unites the physical and the emotional expression of this unique lifestyle. Wikipedia reports that only about 30% of (Americ…

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