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tightknots: cuckold witness

The saga of k & h with A continues with h getting to witness for himself the level of intimacy shared by k and the new male in their relationship. My previous update A New Bull introduced A and retold the details of their first intimate date; below are the details of date #2. You’ve all just seen the featured image – the one atop the page – which clearly shows k and A being intimate, but that’s not the point of this post; the point is how the journey to that moment was loaded in the moments a...

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Erotica: The Cuckold Path

Much of the ‘adult content’ intended to represent the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle is anything but erotica. The porn and erotica landscape is replete with implausible scenarios and insincere characters committing something that’s nowhere near the reality of a hotwife and cuckold marriage. It is because of that I am so pleased to announce the publishing of an original and genuinely erotic work by one of our members: Smashwords – The Cuckold Path (Book 1 of “The One Less Traveled”) – a book by J.C. Wittol Prologue The sun hung just above the horizon, refusing to relinquish its hold until it...

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Fuckbench Cuckold

Serious Cuckold Inclusion Admittedly, “Mistress T” is a pro Domme, but reading her blog it seems she’s a bit more approachable than your average and creative on her own with her lifestyle scenes. She’s also seriously sexy. The video posted below demonstrates some excellent imagination and execution of a cuckold scene and other than lacking a medical exam table, I see no reason why cuckold couples comfortable in their relationship with her boyfriend couldn’t give their cuckold such an experience. I don’t often promote pro Dommes or commercial porn, but there’s something different about this one. Visit her...

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