In Outing The Cuckold part I the topic of outing the husband as a cuckold to the bull was presented. This step is the first of what I would call three areas of outing. While they don’t have to be linear in progression or adoption, I’m presenting them in this order since it directly assists a couple making their way through this process currently.

Part II – The Insider(s)

Insiders are those within the inner social circle – the best friends, the siblings. It’s very valuable for a woman cuckolding her male to have someone in her inner circle she can be open with, at some level, about what’s taking place in the marriage and how good it’s been.  Let’s talk about the benefits of including an insider:

  • provides a wingman for going out and socializing to find men to date
  • provides opportunity to reward the cuckold by praising him for loving you this way
    • this helps offset the humbling effect of someone else knowing he’s supportive of others fucking his wife
  • provides opportunity for additional dynamics
    • outing the cuckold to another woman effectively doubles his opportunity to express submission
  • encourages adoption of this lifestyle among others
  • provides an opportunity to enjoy someone’s naked envy

Where To Start

Typically women know right off the bat who, if anyone, they might be able to let in on it. It’s typically the best friend or the sister she’s closest to. Sometimes it’s mom, which does elevate the entire experience. This isn’t as common, but I do see it happen for some couples.

How To Start

The first thing to change for a woman in this lifestyle is her own appearance and behavior. This can be used as a hint for the target to draw out questions about the changes. Someone close enough to be told will also be close enough to notice the changes and also ask about them whereas most others may notice but won’t ask.

A wife shared with another male is encouraged and expected to wear her new sexuality and empowerment openly. Even for women who have adopted this persona in most of their day to day life, they might still be likely to hide this aspect with their inner circle. Allowing the target being invited in to see the new persona can open the doors to productive question/answer opportunities.

Using the changes in how a sexually empowered woman dresses is just one way to open a dialogue with someone being invited in. Typically in cuckolding, there are other interests at play and in practice. These could be things like chastity, overt power transfer (female led relationship), spanking, pegging, or something else. All of these can also act as an opening if used cleverly.

  • to drop a hint about one of these activities, manufacture a reason in the target’s presence to make a slight reference
    • “You forgot to (whatever) – now I have to add another week…”
      • invites a question that will result in discussion of chastity
    • “Definitely getting the paddle for that tonight…”
      • invites a question that will result in discussion of corporal punishment

Whether these practices invited cuckolding or the other way around, they can all be used to invite more open discussion of the inclusion of another male in the relationship. In most cases these discussion are going to go in one of three directions:

  1. chooses to not pick up on the hint
    (perhaps choice of target was wrong)
  2. asks the the question but doesn’t pursue further after the answer
    (may have chosen a leading hint which they are sensitive to)
  3. one question leads to another, leads to another, leads to amazement
    (ideal, obviously, and then played by ear in terms of level of detail provided)

Often the simplest and most easily accepted explanation for the changes in the relationship is that there has been a change in authority. This is not only a very generic and easily understood change, but also the door that can and does lead to many of the various practices already discussed. It’s a fairly easy topic to discuss since it doesn’t require much in the way of intimate detail to get started.

Outing Cuts Both Ways

Obviously, outing the cuckold also outs the cuckoldress.  Often such claims are not easily taken on face value and some supporting evidence has to be provided to back up the statement. This should be viewed as an opportunity to project the new persona by being confident in allowing the target to see some aspects of the role of the cuckoldress in this lifestyle and the pleasures and benefits having a supportive cuckold provides.

Leverage The Insider

Insiders become co-conspirators simply by knowing but over time, or even immediately in some cases, become directly involved. The secondary practices often common among cuckolding couples like chastity, spanking, tease and denial, cbt – are all going to be fascinating topics for someone only recently let in on this fascinating lifestyle. Why wouldn’t an empowered woman want to show off what her options are and how well trained her boy is?

Clearly this is much more about the discipline and perhaps even a reward for the male as delivered, but let’s not forget how humbling this experience would be for the cuckold when performed in front of the insider. This is also a very approachable way to introduce demonstration of mild CBT to amaze the insider with what can be done with a submissive male’s genitals. This is also, of course, a very empowering experience for the cuckoldress who has her boy to thank for such an opportunity.

Simple Is Effective

Always remember how effective simple nudity is for a submissive. When they are the only one nude their role becomes very clear to them. For a male, who cannot hide his arousal, this is even more effective because simple conversation around the subject and cause involuntary response and display of his true feelings without even being asked. Being asked directly would obviously result in even more intense response.


Getting an insider used to the display of the male is important to also then pursue other areas of exercising the outed cuckold like demonstrations of how his chastity works, how teasing/denial and edging works, even how casual forms of outercourse can be used to please, tease, and ultimately train the cuckold for his supporting role.

This is a raw demonstration of power (no audio).

There can be several reasons why this large penis is denied intercourse and instead mechanically drained and subjected to ball torment, but the most likely reason is that his wife values the control and sexual selection offered by denying her boy and offering her sex to someone who cannot offer her this form of mental and emotional pleasure.

Such a demonstration would be a stunning sight for any insider – or the boyfriend, for that matter.

In Part III

The exploration of how and why to include strangers in your lifestyle will be explored.

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