Cuckold Curiosity

Like a hotwife’s sex, a cuckold’s curiosity requires a lot of feeding! I’m posting this in response to a question I had recently from a wife who was concerned her husband had ulterior motives (bisexuality) in sharing her and encouraging her as a hotwife.While this does happen, it’s in the overwhelming minority and is often […]

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Anxiety Management

You can’t eliminate cuckold anxiety – you have to learn to manage it. You know her boss sent you this picture of her as a reward for “…lending your wife” to him, as he gently put it, but he doesn’t realize how seeing this will also be your undoing. She does look stunning and you […]

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The Cuckold Phenomena

I agree with the ideas presented here and think this makes a very compelling argument for cuckolding, but want readers to be aware that I couldn’t fully validate the author of this piece as being the established professional as claimed. Nonetheless, I find the writing to be insightful and true. What Has Spurred the Cuckold […]

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Susan Gower on Cuckolding

First let me say that I agree fully with the content of the alleged author’s essay and though I’ve seen this text all over the ‘net I’ve been unable to find any original source of this work by “Susan Gower”. By sex therapist & relationships counselor Susan Gower After studying human sexuality for many years it […]

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Sharing Her – Visually

Beautiful wives deserve to be on display. A Common Desire Many husbands are fascinated with sharing their wives visually. I often wonder just how many staff at hotels worldwide have been treated to views such as above when a husband allows his wife to be viewed nude in her sleep. Yes, it’s the thrill of […]

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Introduction to Cuckolding

Cuckolding is the contemporary term for a lifestyle where a husband enjoys supporting his wife’s sexual intimacies with other men. This dynamic can bring couples increased intimacy and sexual satisfaction without putting the marriage at risk.

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Creating An Enjoyable Cuckolding Environment

In this article, I provide a basic roadmap of how to extend the cuckolding experience.

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The Biology of Cuckolding

Wives, when first approached about the idea of being enjoyed by someone else often first assume that the husband has lost interest in her for this to interest him. This is quite untrue and quite opposite of the truth. In fact, it is the wife’s appeal to him and others that fuels the erotic appeal of sharing her. Often starting with encouragement to dress sexier, the cuckold-to-be is actually expressing his desire to experience the beta role by encouraging his wife to choose an alpha male.

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