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Being a good cuck…. Again

Today we came back from a wonderful vacation. Last night my wife took it over the edge for me by calling her boyfriend while making me play with my throbbing member. I asked her not to call him but she did anyway laughing at me. He did not answer his phone but sure enough, several hours later he called back and they set up a ‘session’ for tonight. When we arrived home and unloaded the car she went straight to the shower and began getting ready for her overnight love session with her handsome love. All I could do...

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This may be ‘The One’ ….. for her (hopefully)

Since my last post nearly two years ago, my wife and I have had many ups and downs, many uncomfortable moments, many hurtful conversations and nearly two heated divorce threats as we make our way through this cuckold jungle. A lot of it has to do with my jealousy and her acceptance of her ‘cuckoldress’ role. All of these trials and heartaches have brought us to this day. The one ‘bull’ that does not even know he is our ‘bull’ is and has no idea of what a cuckold lifestyle is. Let me back track here to fill in some missing pieces to this post. In the last two years I have tried, as an earnest cuck, to provide my wife with men to meet. Most of these came from craigslist or AFF but she never took an interest in them even tho’ she did have several encounters. But there was this ‘one’ guy, whom she selected from work that she fell hard for. However his youth and immature nature made it frustrating for her. She and I tried to introduce him into the lifestyle but he wanted no part of it. Although they had numerous sexual encounters together he never took it seriously as she had hoped he would. Well their last meeting was two years ago …. until today. He was flying to the orient by way...

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Molding Myself to be a Suitable Cuckold

Pure Bliss…….to be able to serve her willingly. That’s what I felt last night as my wife dropped me off at my office for a couple of hours as she went to meet Kawika. She had only met this tall, good-looking gentleman last night at what was supposed to have been a 10 minute ‘get-to-know-you’ chat. It ended up being 40 minutes long and as I watched in eager anticipation from my car which was parked a safe distance away, I could hear laughter as they enjoyed each others company. Returning to our car she expressed how much she...

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Doing my Job

I was surfing the adult websites a few months ago, when a gentleman I had never met requested to chat. He was looking for sexual pleasure and instructed me to bring my wife down to his condo. I was totally unprepared to do this on such short notice but did end up setting up a time and place several days later. There was some miscommunication with the exact meeting spot and things never did materialize. So being that he gave me the name and room number of his Timeshare, the wife and I decided to head over there and...

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The ‘Angst’ of it all

It is with a heavy heart and twisted stomach that I write this. One hour ago I dropped my beloved Love Goddess off at work knowing full well that her Lover would be there waiting to pound her willing pussy with his young firm manhood. As I type this she is probably riding his cock in the dressing room. We’ve talked about this scenario for the last week and have both ‘gotten off’ with indescribable orgasms that left us drained and in a puddle of sweat and love juices on our king size bed. We spent the entire day...

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