Pure Bliss…….to be able to serve her willingly.

That’s what I felt last night as my wife dropped me off at my office for a couple of hours as she went to meet Kawika.

She had only met this tall, good-looking gentleman last night at what was supposed to have been a 10 minute ‘get-to-know-you’ chat. It ended up being 40 minutes long and as I watched in eager anticipation from my car which was parked a safe distance away, I could hear laughter as they enjoyed each others company. Returning to our car she expressed how much she had enjoyed meeting with him and how ‘he was her type’. I had a sudden rush of blood to my semi-erect cock and knew that I had to set up another meeting with him so that they could explore each others’ bodies and consummate this new friendship properly. When we arrived home I quickly sent him an email telling him how much she enjoyed the conversation and If he would still be willing to give her that massage he promised. His reply was to have my wife meet him the next day at 6:00pm at the same coffee shop and she could then follow him to his private condo. Being that I had to work nearby we arranged it so that she would drop me off at work for a few hours while she went to meet with him.

As she dropped me off, I pulled up close to her so that I could smell her scent, her hair, her body…her entire essence to remind me of what this total stranger would be enjoying in a half-hour from now. As I walked to my office my blood pressure rose and a deep pain engulfed my heart. Again I was asking myself how could I possibly want this to happen? How could a husband willingly let his wife be with another man with his knowledge and approval? How could this possibly be ‘the right thing’ for us? How was I going to deal with the Mental Breakdown I would surely be facing in the very near future?……And yet with all of these questions looming in my mind, I could not, and would not bring myself to the realization that I should stop this.

As the hours slowly passed I kept checking the watch on my cell phone and wondered at 6:40pm (what were they doing at this very moment) at 6:50pm (in which room were they screwing in right now) at 7:10pm (what position she was enjoying) at 7:30pm (were they basking in their own ‘afterglow’). As I patiently awaited her phone call to let me know she was leaving his place to pick me up, all of these beautiful sexual images of her encircled my mind. Yet, with all of these visual challenges engulfing my brain I knew for certain that there was only one thing I DID KNOW………..It was that I loved Her SOOOO MUCH and that she deserved this. She deserved to be the happiest wife on the planet. She deserved to be sexy, smart, desirable and satisfied. She deserved to have the freedom to express her lustful instincts with or without me. And she deserved a good husband to look out for her EVERY need, take care of her daily wants and be there to love and comfort her in this short life that we have been so blessed with. (CORNY I KNOW – But this is how I felt)

When she finally pulled up to my office building I was so relieved to know that she was safe. As I opened the car door I could smell a sweet soap smell intertwined with another man’s cologne. It was both intoxicating and refreshing at the same time. My first words to her were “on a scale from one to ten, how was your evening?”, Her reply was a resounding “TEN!”. As she said this I could not express the JOY that filled my heart. I wanted her to have a great time and she did. I asked her to pull into a dark secluded area near my office because I needed to give her a great big HUG and tell her how much I loved her and how she meant the world to me.

Normally, if at any other time I were to ask her to pull the car over after one of her dates it would be to get at her deliciously swollen love box. But last night it was different. I just needed to assure her that what she was doing was in no way wrong. In fact, it was something that was taking our marriage to another level….one that most people will never understand.

I’m still trying to understand it myself.