More Science Behind Cuckolding

As any frequent reader knows, I have long been a student of human nature and behavior and the science behind what makes cuckolding tick [Read “The Biology of Cuckolding“]. below is a fascinating article I found which demonstrates how becoming a husband and father can ultimately change the very perception of a male by his mate.

[blockquote]A father’s testosterone level drops steeply after his baby arrives, showing that human males are biologically wired to care for their offspring, a U.S. study out Tuesday showed.

Researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois, followed a large group of men in their 20s and found testosterone levels fell after they found partners and became fathers.

They said the effect is the same in many other species in which males take care of dependent offspring, as testosterone boosts behaviors and other traits that help a male compete for a mate.

via Father’s Testosterone Drops Steeply After Baby Arrives | Fox News.[/blockquote]

It’s commonly known that males with higher testosterone are typically much more attractive to women. This is even cited in the article. This study seems to indicate that continued close involvement in parenting can reduce testosterone levels, which, in a real sense, demotes a husband to being a beta male when compared to males with their natural testosterone levels intact.

What isn’t mentioned, but what I imagine may likely be true, is that this reaction doesn’t require that the husband be the father of the child but instead, it is his own perception of his role and his bond with the mother and the child that are what produce the physiological reduction in testosterone.; this would allow and encourage alpha males to mate while beta males assist the family.

“This “mating-related” behavior, however, can conflict with the responsibilities of fatherhood, so when males do have children it becomes advantageous for the body to reduce production of the hormone, according to the study”

As I’ve long said, the qualities that sexually attract a woman are often at odds with the qualities of a good husband, partner and father to children as this study demonstrated. I view this as confirmation of the value of having two male roles in many marriages: husband and lover.

The lover is the better choice for coupling and mating.


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