It’s easy to view this as simply a dominant exercising his pet through displaying her, but the truth is likely a bit more complicated than that.

discipline-punishmentAll we can really know from this shot is:

  • she’s collared and leashed
  • she’s nude
  • she’s kneeling in a position taught to her
  • she’s completely exposed through the glass door

On one hand this could simply be some training (or discipline as I would refer to it). On the other hand, this could be punishment for failing to meet her Owner’s expectations. As a Dom, I feel it’s very important that punishment fit the crime, so displaying her in this fashion, if a punishment, would infer that she had failed me with regard to how she dresses and/or behaves.

Being a hotwife would add several other dynamics to this experience. Obviously it’s very intense for a husband to witness his wife being punished in any manner, but despite the conflict felt by her being punished by another man, the scene presented is rather erotic and likely to arouse the cuckold as well – something I would ensure she is aware of.  The overlooked side-effect of punishing the wife and letting her see that her husband is aroused by it goes well beyond reinforcing roles in that the wife is now more likely to report to me when her cuckold violates my expectations so she can ensure he tastes punishment as well.

Devilish, is it not?

Personally, I would have sent her cuckold to observe from outside so he can tell us how she looked from the perspective of those who enjoyed the view.

The interesting thing to me is that whether this is discipline or punishment could well come down to what we can’t see: who is out there taking notice of her? If there’s only the risk of her being seen by someone or it’s virtually certain she will be seen but she’ll never know by whom, then I’d call it discipline. If, however, her Owner has more carefully chosen his timing or even made other arrangements for this to be witnessed, then my vote is for punishment. Her Owner has ensured that she’s safe and under his direct supervision for this experience which is always appropriate.

working-girl-assignmentIf she fails to learn from this experience, much more humbling punishment can be applied without the relative safety of being so distant from those viewing her punishment.

Take the image to the left, for example. Is she a street walker or did her Owner put her out here like that to teach her a lesson in humility and obedience? She’s likely terrified, of course, but her Owner chose this time and place carefully to ensure she feels more at risk than she really is. Even if only left there a few minutes, the lesson can be completely absorbed.

This also highlights the differences among training different women/couples. This sort of assignment would be a reward for some women/couples and very much a punishment for others. It’s always the Dominant’s responsibility to know the difference and introduce these experiences accordingly. Choose wrongly and the trust which is the only ‘currency’ a Dom has can be easily spent in total.