When I began writing this (weeks ago and with much happening since), I was listening to my favorite music that I play during my hotel trysts with my black Bulls…soon my pussy is wet from an indescribable desire for black cock. I’m smiling and thinking, “how did I get to be such a black only slut?!!”

From my previous posts, you already know that in the past james and I were active in the swing lifestyle. The socialization was nice, and I enjoyed the attention of constantly being pursued by single men, but the sex interaction with predominantly white men became predictably disappointing. It wasn’t until I had my first fucking by a black man that my sexual energy really became engaged.

That first experience was about 15 years ago.  Anxiously excited and full of anticipation, james and I met Michael, a very dark and handsome businessman, in town for the weekend, at his nearby hotel lobby for a quick meet and greet to become better acquainted and comfortable before going to his room to fuck. During that time it was not unusual for me to be accompanied by james for first time trysts with single men. What I remember most was the contrast of Michael’s very black skin against my very white skin. james was present, watching and taking photos and it shouldn’t be a surprise that if james participated sexually, it was unremarkable and I have no memory of that part.  The memory ingrained in me was the confidence and power I felt over me by this beautiful and sexy black man as he fucked and pleasured me.

A year later I met a  20 something young black executive. A very polite, handsome former college athlete, and definitely wiser than his years as he was openly aggressive in seeking married white women. I remember meeting him for lunch on a Saturday…and while james stayed home with the kids. The connection was immediate and there after with james’ encouragement I would frequently leave my house alone, dressed as sexy and inconspicuous as possible to meet up with him for mind blowing sex at either his home or various hotel rooms. 

Though we were clueless to what cuckolding was, I now know that this was the beginning. Eventually there was a pause in our relationship for his own self growth, and after he successfully conquered his quest for mainstream vanilla life, he came back….with a hall pass in his back pocket. To this day my bedroom and legs are open to him whenever he can get away.  If you have been reading my posts here, you know him as ‘A’. 

Aside from the obvious contrast of their dark skin against my white and blonde features, “why am I so attracted to black men?”that thrill which ignites my sexual energy…

My experiences, getting to know and fuck black men, definitely have had a seductive and explicit effect over me, not only physically but especially emotionally. In time I’ve been with several fantastic black men who deserve the description of BBC (believe what I say, not all black cocks are created equal). Yes, being physically endowed is without question of utmost importance-whether it be by size, shape, or best of all, both. But it’s the personality that comes with that cock that is key in unlocking my sexual verve. Black men, seem to have a natural confidence and power in how to sexually please. When I’m with one, he exudes that power and confidence over me quickly making me wet. His skill and level of patience in discovering all of my deepest points of pleasure physically and emotionally is something that I have never encountered with a white male, even my husband of 30+ years. Their playful smile, alluring eyes and ease of conversation have a way of making me melt as they skillfully direct me to the hotel room. In bed my inhibition lets go and I surrender.

Until recently, opportunities to meet black men have been few, making it a frustrating experience when in need. That began to change this past July when it was suggested by a friend here on CM to check out the Keys and Anklets Podcasts. In the same context as CuckoldMarriage, it was an epiphany were the host through his own experiences as a black bull is “pulling back the curtain” and introducing the voices of others to share openly to the public about the real life of hotwifing and cuckolding. Through Keys and Anklets I also learned of BlacktoWhite.net a site specifically directed toward interracial sexual encounters. With my verified ‘real’ profile I have been able to meet select and verified black men who travel to my city regularly on business as well as others that live in nearby larger metropolitan areas that are easy to get to and make for very fun and sex filled get aways.

Since my introduction to Keys and Anklets and then being invited to be interviewed (james separately also) by the host in late September, followed by another in January, I have become confident in openly expressing myself as a Cuckoldress. Being able to speak openly and honestly about my cuckold marriage to the host during the interview followed by a sexy ‘after party’ interview was very fun and liberating. Listening to myself later when the episodes were broadcasted to the public definitely gave me a renewed sense of empowerment and reinforced having absolutely no hesitation about owning the fact that I am a selective slut for black only.  In the past the word ‘slut’ to me had a negative female connotation but I now fully identify with the word as a positive within the context and dynamic of my cuckold marriage. I have finally discovered my pure desire and harnessed my true sexual energy to find what I am looking for to satisfy my most raw sexual needs.

In the short time since the broadcast of my podcast interviews, I have met and fucked several (ten I guess it is) different black men, some of them on multiple occasions…and I continue to look for more with that confident combination of sexy, smart and fun. I quickly realized from listening and being inspired by other podcasts that turning up and expressing my slut factor, especially whenever I travel, is exciting and I have no hesitation to seek out what I desire wherever I may be. 

My Thanksgiving in LA was definitely memorable as I arranged multiple trysts in an upscale downtown hotel; I skipped the turkey and went straight for dessert…big black cock. Black Friday continued the fun as I met another bull and was filled again and again by his seed. A 24 hour pussy rest was necessary before I finally met and fucked the third bull of the weekend.  And where was james? Always in the lobby, in chastity, waiting.

The strongest statement of humiliation that I can make to james?…

I have withdrawn his rights to my pussy, and I will NEVER fuck another white man…no apologies made. james will always be my number one for intimacy (not sex), but whenever I see a black man, I smile, look right into his eyes and then immediately undress him in my mind….all the while never thinking of james’ penis.

Even when finding the right black men to fuck my married white pussy it is not a given that it will happen. It seems that many black men prefer to be with couples where the husband does the looking, makes the plans, and is then in the room watching. I on the other hand want to be in full control of whom I get to fuck. My trysts are arranged by me…james’ only involvement is making sure my pussy is bare and smooth and selecting my outfits for my display….and remind me to always be careful and safe with a quick kiss when I leave. If he’s lucky and the Bull is open to sharing how he fucks me, james might be invited to watch or take photos. Recently after I had already been fucked once, james was invited to the room. In chastity, and as directed fully clothed, he sat in a chair blindfolded as I was fucked again.


I am hitting my stride, excited at being aggressive, confident and more adventurous in continuing to find the right Bulls that fit within my marriage and as a slut. Different to what I have said in the past, I know now that looking for ‘the one’ I will probably never be satisfied (sometimes it is fun having that “zipless fuck” as Erica Jong explains). As it is, I am stronger, more relaxed and love james with more intensity. That may sound contradictory but it’s truth…

Think of it as the elixir that satisfies my mind and pussy.