Have a look at the lovely hotwife, Jana.

This active hotwife and her husband are working to make cuckolding a more socially known and welcome activity in (northern) Germany. Sadly, this was not one of the women I enjoyed during my two years in northern Germany.


Yes, I know what you’re thinking: what a nibble-inspiring nipple! I couldn’t agree more. Actually, you’re probably wondering about the professional quality of the image above (and below) and, in fact, that’s exactly what it is: a professionally photographed set that reflects the couple’s fantasies and lifestyle.  They also verified with me the traditional way so I do know these images are Jana.

Jana’s husband is no stranger to witnessing her welcome another man inside her, but they are now have plans for her first date alone with a man this coming week. Jana’s husband has also graciously translated my Introduction to the Hotwife Role guide into proper German and will be making it available to a local gathering of hotwife/cuckold curious couples in the Hamburg area.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Check out the translated Hotwife Introduction here.


Above is the anklet she wears more often than not to proclaim her status as sexually available wife. These are three separate charms, with one male charm attached closer to the female than the other male. Clever and correct, is it not?

A beautiful wife, a beautiful breast.

A beautiful wife, a beautiful breast.

I appreciate how the photographer made use of the mirror – something I have always enjoyed in photography for the way they can convey multiple perspectives in one image. Note the firm grip on his wife in the mirror: she is his in this moment.

While the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle is still a bit underground in Germany, especially in the north where things are a bit more conservative, this pair is certain to help open eyes and thighs if anyone can.

Hotwife Jana

With but a whisper, this wife will give her lover sexual access her husband can no longer take for granted.