Discipline is a very necessary part of any D/s relationship. By discipline, I mean the intentional, active exercise of a pet’s submission with the intent to create overt contrast between the roles of Dominant and submissive.


Here we see a lovely, blonde pet eating at her Master’s feet. Is she being punished? Perhaps, but without such tangible lessons, the lines between Master and pet become somewhat muddled over time and a submissive may easily find themselves misbehaving in order to have their Master’s attention in this fashion. Being a bit sassy is one thing, but violating her Master’s expectations to seek attention merits punishment rather than discipline and can lead to resentment when the pet only sought attention.

To prevent this, Dominants must exercise their submissive mentally and emotionally in creative and unexpected ways. For example: what we can’t see is if anyone else has been invited for dinner and sits at the other end of the table. A male guest would seem a logical choice, but perhaps a female guest would be more appropriate in terms of humbling his pet. This is something her Master should know about her and use to their advantage.