Being permanently marked as a cuckold can also be an effective form of chastity; it might not keep him from jerking off, but it will certainly keep any other women from wanting a ride on that little pony!

[pullquote cite=”submitted via Tumblr“]We are in a cuckold relationship for over a year now. When my wife wants, she has a lover but off course i am denied that pleasure. It is not possible for us to keep me always in chastity, so to prevent me looking at other women , i am marked as a cuckold. This way it is too embarrassing for me to ever think in a sexual way about other woman.[/pullquote]

I think this is a great idea. It seems this cuckold has a truly miniscule penis and would be incapable of properly pleasuring a woman with it, though a woman only who has only experienced mouse-hung males might still make the mistake of letting him use her body to masturbate himself, as I refer to it.

I’m sure it’s great fun for his wife to show that to her girlfriends as well!