Many wives are reluctant to overtly tease their cuckold physically, verbally or emotionally, yet for a cuckold, this is most certainly a vital aspect of the experience of being a cuckold.

Taking the time to remind the cuckold that his penis, his testicles are still valued by you, though perhaps in a different way, is very important for his emotional well-being. In addition, teasing him in any form provides important intimacy between you that could otherwise not be expressed if the wive’s little sex is committed to her boyfriend only.

In the image above, you can see a wife straddling her husband while his penis is obviously fully swollen inside his restraing, a CB600. I prefer this device for the apparent ‘pressed ham’ effect visible here. Even from a distance it’s easily apparent that he has reached the maximum expansion his penis will be allowed. Experiencing this level of denial is his gift to his wife and she should appreciate it as such.

I enjoy directing such tease & denial sessions and have found that it adds considerable meaning for both husband and wife when the teasing of husband by wife becomes teasing of the husband by the wife’s Dom or boyfriend. The play depicted here; the teasing of her husband’s confined genitals, is also arousing for me as an overt expression of his submission to us and her submission to me.

I have so many options at this point:

  • I can continue his teasing in this manner
  • I can have him released and still deny him entry
  • I can release him only to have him iced enough to return him to confinement
  • I can mount her just as she is and enter her while her mound is pressed to his swollen balls!

Yes, I know I’m evil, but it’s so enjoyable!