Don’t Feel Guilty About It

As stated in my article Portrait of Submission, suffering is core to the expression and expectation of submission. This post briefly explores the cuckold perspective of submission through physical suffering as expressed through bondage and cock and ball torment (CBT).

Safety first: when starting out in CBT, take it slowly. Never cause impact to the testicles when they are against a solid surface and never insert anything into the urethra that isn’t sterilized.

When we humble a cuckold, we are asking him to accept emotional and mental suffering. By accepting and even welcoming that emotional and mental suffering, the cuckold is expressing submission. Expressing his submission is something a cuckold wants desperately to do. This means that having an expectation of him enduring suffering for his wife, and/or her boyfriend isn’t cruel or hurtful because it’s well within the realm of the lifestyle and serves as an expression of it.There are countless ways to allow the cuckold to experience suffering for his wife, but just as punishment should fit the crime, suffering should fit both the cuckold and the lifestyle.

Lovingly Tormenting Your Cuckold

When it comes to physical suffering or torments, the couple should start slowly. Most active cuckold couples are already practicing some forms of suffering for their cuckold without even realizing it. Something as simple as denial can serve as both an emotional and physical form of suffering especially when combined with purposely teasing the cuckold verbally and/or physically. The emotional suffering comes from knowing that another man is going to enjoy (and already has) what he is denied (at least temporarily) and the physical suffering comes from the frequent erections and testicular ache associated with long term arousal.

Enforced chastity is certainly a form of suffering for a cuckold that is, in my opinion, most effective when used sparingly. A cuckold most feels the loss of his ability to be erect and in control of his own penis most when he is often erect for her and appreciated for that even if not permitted to use it as a sex organ.

How can a woman not feel super-empowered by such an acceptance of suffering by her husband?

If released from his restraint, it’s likely this husband has a full 6″ or 7″ penis which leads most to ask why she’s not enjoying it. I would challenge you to consider the emotional impact for the husband knowing his perfectly functional penis is still being denied in favor of another or simply in favor of enjoying his predicament. We clearly see a husband painfully swollen in his chastity device. He wants so desperately to be inside his wife that the tip of his penis is being forced out through the urination slit. He’s already likely well into a serious testicle ache as well and on top of all that, there she is, rubbing the sex he’s denied over the swollen, aching flesh that was once a symbol of manhood.

Her husband willingly allowed his penis to be restrained this way knowing what was coming because:

  1. it lets him express his submission
  2. it’s attention and physical intimacy with his wife
  3. it is an absolutely thrilling experience for his wife
This may already seem like a pretty advanced form of torment for a couple, but if you will, imagine now that it was her boyfriend – their Dom, who assigned them this type of play and directed it. This means that all that erotic energy created by purposely and lovingly by tormenting her/their cuckold is about to be enjoyed by her boyfriend. All he has to do now is push her forward over her cuckold and mount her, adding to his torment by having his lips to hers while their Dom enjoys the hot, snug welcome of her sex just above or even pressed against his still restrained penis.
Yeah, that’s evil, but hot, isn’t it?

Impractical for long term wear, but very practical for visual impact and torment.

How is that for ingenious?  This device impales his penis (without injury), ensures he cannot become erect, presents his balls for teasing or torment and even provides an ‘o’ ring for a leash to be attached. This would be a brilliant choice for those wives who are thinking of outing their cuckold to a girlfriend or sister and want to make the most impactful visual presentation possible.

Remember that all the time and interaction that goes into using and enjoying various torments with your cuckold is time together with him – time you are being intimate and sharing in your experience together. This, in addition to the expression of submission, is what makes it so valuable for the hotwife/cuckold couple.

Physically reminded of his role of servitude and suffering.

In the image above, the male has his penis restrained with a heavy, chromed penis cage which is not only very secure, but the weight makes it’s presence strongly felt. In the background you’ll see another lock – this is ensuring that the expandable plug inserted inside him cannot be removed, either. For a straight male to have his ass used in this manner is incredibly humbling and a forceful reminder of his position.


A combination of torment and punishment.

The setup above is done with a simple leather ‘cock and ball’ harness and (wrist) cuffs used on the ankles. The same effect can be achieved with rope or even boot laces. One simply ties off the testicles to the thumbs and big toes of his feet and he’s going nowhere. Notice his erect state though? The physical discomfort is either not enough to diminish the arousal this submission provides him, or the pressure on his bound balls is what’s causing the arousal. Nevertheless, he is punished since his face is in the corner and he will be unable to witness you coupling with your boyfriend.

Keeping your cuckold on a short (electronic) leash.

Looks ominous, but the primary use for this device is training dogs, so you’re not going to do any damage with it, but you’re certainly going to get his attention. Consider this adaptation for summoning your cuckold to the bedroom instead of a bell!

This combination ensures a good ache in his balls will remind him of his role.

Collars of various types and materials can be used to decorate, and/or torment  the bouncy bits beneath the cuckold’s penis. A leather collar is decorative but can be used as an attachment point while heavy, metallic collars provide slight but constant pressure to the tender testicles.

This will ensure he gets his chores done on time…

There are a number of toys that work to apply pressure to the testicles. This one is heavy-duty, but others are sometimes made of two sheets of plexiglass. I think this is more interactive and allows for much more teasing of the captured nuts. You’d think such a torment would leave a male withered and not so swollen, but as I’ve said previously, this play is very much a submissive’s worst/best fantasy.

A good ol’ fashioned spanking.

Don’t forget the power of simply spanking your cuckold on his bare bottom. Remember to pull his penis backward, leaving it and his balls exposed. This is to not only ensure he’s not humping whatever he’s laying across – especially if its your lap, but also to make his other bits available for teasing, squeezing or pinching to add to the experience. One of the most empowering experiences for a dominant hotwife is to spank her boy in front of others, a sister or best friend, for example.

Experiment & Inquire

These examples barely scratch the surface. Start playing and investigating with your cuckold and learn for yourselves what pleasures await when you learn to consider your husband’s genitals as enjoyable toys not just demoted sex organs!