For many cuckolds, the tongue has replaced their penis as their sex organ.

This cuckold has his wrists cuffed and his penis restrained to ensure his attention remains focused on his wife. My only question is whether their bull took this picture as their cuckold warmed her up to take his cock, or whether their bull is documenting the practice, among some cuckold couples, of having the cuckold clean the liquid proof of her coupling from her swollen sex.

I get a lot of questions about ‘cleaning’ and ‘cream pies’, often focused around the homosexual/bisexual aspect of it. My answer is always that for most, this is a deep expression of submission to both the wife and her lover.

Cuckolds often feel as though they are attracted to cock, but most often it’s a simple attraction to elements of the lifestyle represented by the obvious symbol of cuckoldry; the lover’s cock.