New Year, New Opportunities

Welcome to the 5th post about fuckdollMel. To get caught up, try the links below which open in new tabs.

Mel continues to be adorable and fuckable, as we can easily see here:

Who wouldn’t want to give them a tug?
This is what they look like free (and pierced), waiting to be slapped, bound or squeezed.

Fuckdoll and I have spent hours discussing various ways of exercising both her need for cock and her need to endure suffering as an expression of her submissive nature, but sadly, she hasn’t been very active as a hotwife since my last post. Not long after my last update, her husband, who had been actively involved as her cuckold decided the situation wasn’t progressing (in the direction desired/at the pace desired/in the way he desired) and simply withdrew from being involved. He was very clear in communicating he saw no reason for me to stop my involvement with his wife, but wanted no active role in things.

Counterproductive, but his choice.

I can understand his perspective and how he arrived at it, but have been unable to help them bridge the gap between his/her expectations and their reality. Because of his lack of involvement, fuckdoll hasn’t exactly felt inspired to be more active as a hotwife – to her credit. While doing so may have helped with his mood, it could have gone the exact opposite direction as well since communication was sorely lacking for some time. As all should be aware, communication is paramount in this lifestyle.

Communication between fuckdoll and I is still quite good so I communicated an order to have her tits bound for me:

I’m still in the early stages of training fuckdoll to suffer for me. For her, being physically dominated is a huge turn-on, but as most should know, such forms of submission require a deep and abiding trust. Mentally, fuckdoll is ready to submit to nearly any torment my devious mind can conjure, but we both know that physically, she’ll have to gain that experience slowly.

I will sooner offer her mouth to suck someone’s cock or her sex for fucking before I will let someone have opportunity to apply such torments to her, so don’t ask. If I allow you to date her or I make her available to you in some form, you’ll know what the boundaries are quite clearly.

If you’re wondering how all this potential isn’t being thoroughly exercised already, you’ll understand her husband’s frustrations. Both want her to fully explore her sexuality, but making that come to fruition in reality has been a challenge. Now that fuckdoll is 21, I do have hope she’ll be socializing more and be the fuckdoll her husband and I both know she can be.

My fuckdoll sent me a selfie one morning and I told her to send me this sort of selfie. She was a good girl and remembered not to close her legs.

Ever wonder what a fuckbunny looks like?

Ah those snapchat filters.

Where do things head from here? I have no idea, but as long as we’re communicating, I’ll continue to push her progress and update everyone on what that turns out to be.