After our first meeting I was ready to take the next step with ‘Z.’ A date out and more than likely, returning home and letting him take me to bed. I reached out to him and after texting back and forth we settled on a Sunday evening. As it was, circumstances would make it easier that we meet at a favorite wine bar, perfect for a Sunday night; dark and cozy, with a band that didn’t get started until 9; plenty of time to chat in the quiet ambiance before the music began. 🙂

In preparation for my date, in chastity, james assisted in making sure I was clean and smooth in the most important area that I wanted ‘Z’ to get to know. Afterwards, with his usual good taste, he anne-3laid out my outfit for going out which consisted of a classic black corset, black skinny jeans, black blazer and black 6” heals, and last but not least, a necklace that included the key to his penis block as a charm. With lots of perfume and feeling sleek and sexy, I was excited and trying not to be nervous when, with james’ approving smile and a quick kiss, I left for my date.

anne-1Arriving on time, I received a text message from ‘Z’ just as I pulled into the parking lot of the venue. He was running late, the result of being pulled over for speeding. That made me giggle…. he was obviously eager to see me. I offered to wait outside for him but he insisted that I go in and get a table. Inside I found a high table off to the side and away from where the band would be playing, ordered a glass of wine to sip, and tried to relax while I waited. When ‘Z’ finally arrived I felt the excitement rise in my pulse and between my legs. He was as cute as I remembered and a little out of breath and a bit flustered for being late.

He insisted on drinking water while I enjoyed my glass of wine. We had a great conversation as he told me that he was getting very excited about the possibilities of our new friendship and looks forward to that true relationship of three where he has an intimate relationship with me while at the same time a traditional friendship with james where they can go to lunch or do other things together. ‘Z’ also expressed being open to learning about all that I enjoy sexually, which then out of curiosity, I asked if he would be comfortable if james were to ‘fluff’ and prepare him for penetration of my pussy. It is something that I would find exciting in making james do. ‘Z’s answer was an easy yes.

That conversation only increased the sexual tension mounting between us. After awhile the band began to play with both of us enjoying the music while continuing our conversation. When the band took a break after the first set I couldn’t resist temptation and the damp feeling between my legs any further and asked if he would like to leave and go to my home. He was also ready and we left the bar. At our cars, ‘Z’ had a business call to make and after giving him directions he would, a few minutes later, join me at my house. I called james quickly to let him know I was on my way with ‘Z’ following soon after. Arriving home james was waiting (as directed, naked, in chastity, and with a robe on) and had my next outfit selected, laid out and ready for me. He also had the bed made nicely, the lights turned down and candles lit. I immediately began changing into my outfit, a black open crotch fishnet body stocking, a thong panty and heels. As I changed james also made any needed adjustments for a very sexy display. ‘Z’ arrived just as I finished changing.

james left our bedroom to answer the door and greeted him and soon after I nonchalantly, with an open robe over my outfit, joined them as they chatted. To break any awkwardness and make him feel comfortable james and I gave ‘Z’ a tour of our house, letting him also take in my outfit when at times the robe opened for a full viewing. After the tour, I dismissed james to the kitchen and casually led ‘Z’ into our bedroom, and standing by the bed, as I dropped my robe, we slowly began kissing.

I remained dressed in my outfit while we kissed and caressed each other, and eventually, I started helping him undress and enjoying his young hard body. As I was undressing him I decided to call james back to the bedroom to have him watch me. When james entered the room I told him to take his robe off, exposing his nakedness in chastity to ‘Z’. When I slid down ‘Z’s briefs his heavy endowed cock sprung out hanging not fully erect and james’ reaction watching was “oh my”; I was also right in sensing his acknowledgement of inadequacy as he said so, standing there naked in his penis block. I sat down on the edge of the bed and had ‘Z’ sit next me and began to fondle and stroke his cock to a full erection, which quickly happened. I looked at james standing and watching us and told him to kneel before us and help stroke ‘Z’s cock which he obediently did. His cock has an interesting bend to it and james admiringly commented on it as he stroked it. ‘Z’ was enjoying the attention from both of us but I could see the strain in james’ block, and wanting to be alone with ‘Z’, told him to leave. james stood up, naked, and left the room. I was very aroused now.

assisting (audio only)

I remained in my outfit, and kissing more, I laid back on the bed. As I laid back, I begged ‘Z’ to taste me. With my help removing my panty, he lifted my long legs and spread them wide and he began pleasing me with his tongue. His tongue and fingers were busy and I guided him to all the right pleasure points within me. I was now desperate to feel his hard cock, but not before changing places with him and taking my turn at stroking and sucking his bent cock, which I found fascinating. Finally I laid on my back and let him penetrate me and felt his hard cock slide into my very wet pussy. My grinding and moving my hips on his cock was intense, and not long in my ‘my position’, I began climaxing hard on it multiple times in quick successions.  He in turn wasn’t ready so after I caught my breath we continued to kiss, caress and grind on each other. His favorite position is to have his partner on her stomach, which I love. I obediently lay on my stomach, legs apart, as he pushed himself into me again and began stroking in and out of my pussy; while he was humping I began fingering my clit and also rubbing the base of his swollen cock. Feeling an urgency, I pressed my legs tightly together and soon there was no control on my part as I felt a rush of wetness and moments later he ejaculated his semen inside me. Catching our breaths for a moment I then called james back to the room to clean me up in front of ‘Z’. james was diligent in his task but there was so much ejaculate, that he couldn’t avoid having some dripping down his chin, which I thought was very hot to see.

oral (audio only)

penetration and climax (audio only)

insemination (audio only)

clean-up (audio only)


It seemed like the wonderfully sexy evening went by in a flash, though I didn’t feel rushed once. On the bed, ‘Z’, james and I had more time to chat, but after awhile, james left us and soon after ‘Z’ needed to leave as he was exhausted after a long weekend and needed to get some rest for the upcoming week. After he dressed we said our goodbye with a kiss at the front door, mentioning to get together again. After closing the door, smiling, I went to get james in the kitchen. It was now time to take him to the bedroom and remove his block and allow him to have some attention with my hand. 😉


james being spurted (audio only)