It’s very encouraging to see talk of the hotwife / cuckold marriage lifestyle become more mainstream.

As sexually liberated women, we should all aspire to be a hot wife. And no, I am not talking baking cookies and holding down mundane house chores while donning four-inch stilettos – although that’s always a well-respected and welcomed activity. Nope, I am hinting at a complete different type of hot wife. This subgroup of hot wifery is encouraged to live out her wildest fantasies, is unapologetic about her sexuality, and gets off with whomever she wants to, all with the blessing of her understanding and appreciative happy-to-be-cuckolded husband.

via Hot Wives – We should all aspire to be a hot wife – Fun Fun Fun!.

One of our members in the chatroom pointed out this article to me the other day. The site looks pretty good and has interesting content well beyond this article – I encourage everyone to have a look.