It’s easy to lose yourself in the view of her breasts through the lace or how the stockings decorate her thighs and frame her sex,but in so doing, you can easily overlook the more important lessons.

With her skirt on and her jacket closed, she would look every bit as professional as the next hotwife MILF. The lace showing between the lapels of her jacket would certainly invite curiosity as to what she is and isnt wearing under the jacket, but would give nothing away – unless she chose to lean over a bit too far or leave her jacket unbuttoned around certain office mates. Just because she’s fucking one of them doesn’t mean she can’t still enjoy teasing all of them.

Until she slipped off her skirt and posed for her lover, in his office, or perhaps her own, she was a model of professional decorum and yet with only minimal effort, transforms herself into the sexual plaything her lover desires and deserves.

Meanwhile, somewhere, on the other side of town, a husband sits in his own office, reflecting on his hotwife’s activities that day having seen her dress and knowing it means she will not only be appreciated as a woman, but enjoyed as a hotwife.